Woman Beheaded With Sword

On Thursday, the woman was allegedly beheaded with a sword in front of stunned witnesses on the streets of California Bay Area neighborhoods.

Police said the victim, a 20-year-old woman with two daughters who have not been officially identified by police, knew her suspected killer.

The two had a relationship that was apparently fueled by domestic violence.

Law enforcement sources told KGO-TV that in April the victim was given a temporary restraining order against a man identified as Hayward's Jose Solano Landetta.

She has since been arrested on murder charges. "Police called the attack "an isolated incident" and said there was no major threat to the community.

At 12:14 pm the notes read, "Children are here, afraid to come... want their mother.

"According to the sheriff, the woman's children were not present at the place of beheading.

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