What Will Happen When 'Doomsday Glacier' Disintegrates?

But what will that day actually look like? As noted in an awesome new article in the journal Nature Geoscience, geological oceanographer Alastair G.C.

Thwaites Glacier in Graham, Antarctica may be closer to a major dissolution event than previously thought.

Using this new way of measuring glacier "footprints," we now know that a sudden melting occurred over the course of six months over the past 200 years.

So far four percent of climate change-induced sea level rise has come from Thwaites alone,

And a sudden total collapse would raise sea levels by 25 inches, according to 2020 estimates from the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration.

How fast is Thwaites Glacier melting? The question of how fast Thwaites is deteriorating is urgent.

And while a catastrophic flood may have happened overnight, the available evidence from this new study also points to a "doomsday scenario" lasting at least six months.

This is scary, and there are historical precedents of similar changes in ocean water movement, but thankfully, people living in low-lying coastal areas have six months to evacuate.

See for yourself the potential rise in sea level can see what the collapse of Thwaites Glacier would look like, thanks to Sea Level Rise Viewer,

In New York, however, Manhattan would simply fall apart – despite the risk of flooding in low-lying areas such as Hudson Yards.

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