Triple your results by not making these mistakes for  bedroom decor

1.Skipping a Color Scheme

When you've got your furniture sizes measured and there's plenty of walking space in your bedroom, it's time to focus on color.

2.Overlooking Scale

Always notices furniture that is too large or small for the bedroom.. A perfect combination of furniture will make the overall look of the bedroom attractive.

3. Letting Clutter Build Up

We suggest eliminating unnecessary items and making sure the furniture is not too large for the room."

4. Forgetting the Artwork

You go to sleep and wake up in your bedroom almost every day—so why not see something wonderful on the walls?

5. Choosing the Wrong Rug

While it may not seem as important as bed size, the size of your rug in relation to your décor and furniture has an effect on design. Don't be afraid to go big—choose a rug that's significantly larger than your bed.

6. Missing out green

To have a cozy bedroom its very important to add plants that will sooth your eyes and give your room a sense of comfort.

6.Picking a Boring Headboard

The headboard covers such an important portion of the space and should be treated as such.

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