Facing cockroach problem everyday?   Here is the solution to fix it.

Reasons, why they are in the cabinet

Cockroaches, enter your kitchen for many reasons. Some insects, such as the American cockroach, prefer to be around water. If you have a water leak or some rotten wooden cabinets next to your pipes, they’ll make this space a great place to feast.


Use of Cimexa Dust

Cimexa Dust (or Powder) is an insecticidal product used for insect, insect, and cockroach infestations. This dust is an excellent solution because the effects are physical and not chemical.


Hot water and vinegar

This is an easy hack, you don’t have to search for ingredients everywhere because you can only find them in your kitchen. Just take warm water, add 1 part white vinegar and stir well, wipe the slab and clean around the stove with this solution.


Water and soap spray

A simple mixture of water and washing-up liquid will dry out the cockroaches and kill them. Mix equal parts in a spray bottle and go! But make sure you do this on a regular basis as they are quite stubborn at this.


Borax Powder

The borax powder works great to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen cabinet. It is a common household cleaning product used in the kitchen to help reduce mold, mildew, and other common kitchen cabinet problems.


Essential oils

If you were using these oils for skincare or other healing purposes, you would be surprised to learn that essential oils like peppermint oil and lavender oil can help keep insects away.


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