Tori Spelling reveals secret of her kid’s

Tori Spelling teaches her kids to walk on Main Street. The mother of five told People magazine that one of her children had a bad start to the school year.

"My kids just went back to school and just when you think you made it, one of my other kids was bullied on the first day of school," Spelling, 49, told the outlet. "

"The spelling has been clear about bullying her 14-year-old daughter, Stella, over the years, but knows that the "route" she takes with her second child may look a little different.

"Our children have a lot to deal with," he said, even as teachers are checking on their children. "

"You have to rely on yourself as a parent because you become your kids' biggest advocate," she told the outlet. "

"While Tori didn't say which of her five children — Beau, 5, Finn and Hattie, both 10, Stella, 14, and Liam, 15 — had to deal with the threats, she said she was able to deal with it "day by day." -

"Spelling shares all of her children with her husband, Dean McDermott, although the couple has sparked divorce rumors over the past year.

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