The most painful ways to die

Crucifixion Most people know the crucifixion from the story of Jesus Christ, but according to Britannica, the practice existed long before the time of the 12th century BCE.

"Drowning While most people accept that drowning is a terrible way to die, they may believe that it is a relatively painless way to cope.

After all, many people who drown don't seem to be in real distress, Slate said.

Lethal injection Lethal injection is considered more humane than other forms of execution. If all goes well, a lethal injection should kill the offender within five minutes with minimal pain.

Electrocution As you can imagine, death by an electric shock is no fun - it's actually incredibly painful.

This is clearly documented by observing what happens when prisoners are put to death in an electric chair.

Sudden decompression Most of us will never experience dangerous levels of atmospheric pressure because we wisely stay away from deep water.

Burning If you've ever had a minor burning sensation, it's frightening to imagine that sensation moving throughout your body.

Radiation sickness You can stand in a room that's completely smitten with lethal radiation and not know it until your body begins to break through in pain.

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