The best ways of decorating Indoor plants

1. Planters are essential in study and work area

Study area and work places are the places where we get stressed out and moreover our eyes gets strain and sometimes brain too gets stuck.

2. Make small little corners to decorate with plants

Having small group of plants in a dedicated area makes the place more attractive. And the best way is to use stone pots with subtle colors to make the color of the plant pop out in the space.

3. In front of a blank wall

We often have those blank walls that do have a purpose but we don’t understand what to do to make it look good and end up hanging a painting on it.

4. Indoor plant decoration Ideas using glass jars

Using glass jars for plant decor is a great idea. You can hang it or you can keep it on a floating shelf.

5. As a door frame     decorator

As we all know a really fun type of plants are climbers. And we have that opportunity to use it to decorate our home in different ways.

6. Vertical gardening is the new cool

Vertical gardening is a very famous kind of gardening that are used in all kinds of spaces now a days.

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