The best ever solution for designing small spaces


Go for lighter colors

White is the best color for a small space. It enhances the space and it does not look small. You can even use lighter shade colors that will fit your furniture’s theme.


Go creative with side tables

Having a side table along with a big bed might not be a good idea for a small room. So, either you can completely remove them or you can be creative with them like make a table with the help of your heap of books.


There is no need for any kind of creativity in the layout of the room. The room should be arranged as simple as possible with a minimum number of furniture and just the number of light fixtures that are necessary.

Simplicity is the best policy


Dark does help

It is always said that dark colors make the room look smaller but actually a dark-colored accent wall can also bring depth to the room and it actually works really well. So, you can definitely try a dark color if you like bright colors.

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