The best ever solution to clean cabinets before painting

As I said, it is important to clean the piece you are going to paint. But not only cleanliness but also degreasing. Wiping with a damp cloth is not enough, you have to remove grease and dirt that is not visible

Cleaning Your Furniture: Is Painting So Important?

You can comfortably clean and degrease all kinds of surfaces and objects with alcohol. In most cases, this product will be enough to remove the grease.

Alcohol or substandard products

If you are one of those people who are addicted to ammonia then this can also be an option. To use it, remember to always put it in water.


Nothing is resistant to solvents. It goes with everything! While the smell is somewhat “annoying” when used in areas with limited ventilation, it is especially useful in areas exposed to greases, such as very dirty wood surfaces or kitchen furniture.


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