Steps to turn your old leather furniture into a new one!

How to choose paint for leather furniture?

The most thing is to accurately determine the color and method of applying the merchandise to the surface of the furniture, to not confuse painting with impregnation or spraying, which are wont to look after leather products

In furniture stains, experts claim that the spray option is the most convenient. The spray is distributed evenly and doesn’t stain.

Now you’ll be able to experiment with color. Light leather upholstery is simpler to color than dark leather. If the paint color doesn’t match the color you would like, you’ll mix the 2 compounds

How to paint leather furniture?

The method of painting leather furniture consists of the subsequent steps: employing a spray the surface of the leather is moistened with water.

Additionally, care should be taken to make sure that hair, thread, or stains don’t fall on the freshly painted surface. After drying these are going to be very difficult to get rid of.

You can actually do all this on your own.  Check out