Refresh your home without renovating it!

Reconsider the layout of the room

Think about where you put your chairs; you want to be able to sit somewhere where you like what you’re looking at.

Give your home, your personal touch

It’s really helpful to look at a room as a whole to begin with, and artwork is a really unifying tool. Make the wall your canvas.

Add some new element to your home

Add textures by adding wallpapers in your home. Wallpaper is at its best in the round. If you just have one wall of wallpaper, you then have to pick a paint color for the other walls, and they can fight a little bit.

Arrange logically

Libraries are very personal thing so whenever you are going to arrange it, thing about the usage of the books and arrange them accordingly. It is very important to keep the useful under your reach.

Use different materials

Adding textures gives warmth to your home so even if you don't renovate, do add textures like curtains and cushions.

Paint it up

Paint gives your home a completely new look and at the same time it increases the life of the home. When you choose paint, think of how you want to feel in the room.

You can actually do all this on your own.  Check out