Python Bite 'Beyond Imagined Capabilities'

A coastal carpet python attacked a man who cut off his artery and several veins in his arm.

He described the bite as "beyond the imagined abilities of the dragon".

Ken Durant, a snake catcher and conservationist with WILD Conservancy in New South Wales, Australia, was bitten by a coastal carpet python after Ken released it into the bush after a rescue.

The non-venomous python stuck its teeth in his wrist, leaving two large cuts on both sides of his arm.

"His injuries required emergency surgery. Even today, Durant does not feel a full recovery of his wrist.

It took him 48 hours using the cast and hand sling to return to work after the incident.

In his Facebook post, Durant wrote that he has permanent internal damage around his radial nerve and artery,

But that won't stop him from continuing his passion and advocacy for conservation through wildlife conservation projects.

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