Popular Tattoos That Have Secrets

Whatever your opinion of them, tattoos represent a very personal decision to permanently change the look of your body.

Read on to discover the secret meanings behind some of today's most popular tattoos.

1. STARS Since distant objects shine upward every night, it is not hard to imagine what a star tattoo represents for many people.

In some cases, artistic designs may include familiar celestial elements, such as large constellations, indicating a cultural connection to mythological folklore or a deeper connection to one's zodiac.

2. ANCHORS Distinctive tattoos may increase and decrease in popularity over time, but some have remained coveted for centuries.

The use of an anchor has long stood for a clear connection to sailors and life at sea – so much so that by the late 1800s, about 90 percent of those serving in the British Navy had some ink.

3. SOLID ARMBANDS Some tattoos may include intricate line work and shading that take hours or days to complete.

One such design is the chunky black bracelet, which is simple in appearance but has a deep meaning.

4. SWALLOWS But according to TatRing.com, swallows were specifically chosen by 19th-century sailors for their famed ability to find their way home even after long voyages.

Popular lore of the time also held that the birds could help carry or guide lost sailors at sea on long journeys to heaven.

5. COBWEBS Urban legends are full of stories about tattoos that could potentially indicate a crime or prison experience.

And while it's important to remember that each person has their own background of ink, specific images are often associated with captivity, including cobwebs.

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