Plane Passenger's Method

The Internet has criticized a reckless plane passenger who put his foot in the legroom of his fellow passenger and forced him to squeeze his feet into the small area left by him.

Using the username u/delic, the woman shared a photo of her location being raided on Reddit, which read, "At least it was a short flight.

They can be fined by the FAA or charged with criminal charges, and these fines can be as high as $37,000 per violation.

In August, a passenger who hung her ponytail in her seat so upset the person behind her that she complained about the incident on Reddit,

Titled "Why are the OC people like this???"The latest post, first shared on Tuesday, has been updated more than 10,500 times and garnered more than 1,600 comments.

"Was on an Excella from DC to NYC and this lady next to me kept doing it. "And ArdenElle24 commented, "This is some passive aggression I can get behind!

"Another user, StrictAsparagus24, asked, "So... did you say something or just accept your fate that the other person thinks it's okay to do?"

And Kishak suggested, "Could you please move your leg?" If they don't, put your foot on their foot. If they want to be in your place, they can handle your feet.

And atom_breaker joked: "You should help move that as-a** guy by spraying some lotion on his leg"

Another user, crujones43, said: "I'm a big guy and I suffer in airplanes because I put other people's comforts on mine.

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