Pentagon halts deliveries of F-35 fighter

The Pentagon says it is temporarily suspending deliveries of Lockheed Martin Corp's F-35 aircraft after it learned from the manufacturer that the Chinese-made alloy was used for its stealth.

The Pentagon said the alloy-containing magnets used as part of the integrated energy package do not pose a safety issue.

"We have confirmed that the magnet will not transmit information or damage the integrity of the aircraft and that there are no performance, quality,

Safety or security risks associated with this issue and that flight operations for the F-35 in-service fleet will continue." "

The Pentagon said Lockheed Martin has identified an alternative source of the alloy for future delivery.

The Pentagon has not disclosed how many plane deliveries have now been delayed or how much was the Chinese alloy.

The company expects to deliver up to 153 F-35s by 2022 and has delivered 88 so far.

The F-35 is one of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world.

The F-35 remains safe for flight and we will address this issue."

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