Mistakes you don't want to make, while organizing a small kitchen

1. Take advantage of the full height of the kitchen

If your kitchen is small, don’t hesitate to go this way: Take cabinets up to the ceiling and turn every inch of usable storage space.

2.A bar to hang on the ingot

They are an easy, economical, and most practical resource. Not only do you use up a kitchen space you wouldn’t otherwise use, but you also free up a drawer, giving you more storage space.

Pull-out drawers like these are the most convenient option for organizing a pantry and making the most of under cabinetry. Since it is full extraction, you can access all the ingredients no matter how many lines of products you have.

3.Cabinet with pull-out solution

4.Use hooks to make better use of shelves

In small spaces, it’s time to use ingenuity. With this offer: two shelves that not only serve as a shelf but the base is complemented with hooks for hanging cups, which also decorate the kitchen and give it a very lively look Huh.

5.An old plate that orders and decorates

It is one thing to do without high cabinets so as not to visually overload the kitchen, and another to waste the storage capacity of the walls.

6.A very comfortable folding cabinet with opening

If you don’t want to give up on high cabinets, it’s very practical to choose landscape cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling.

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