Inspiring living room gallery wall ideas

Design with a theme

Choosing a theme, whether that be through the type of prints, the colors or the style of frames, is a sure-fire way to ensure your gallery wall feels cohesive.

Think unique

Look out for different shapes, sizes, textures, and washes. You could even paint the boards for a bolder look.

Showcase light on a dark background

The best way to make a living room gallery wall really pop is to contrast it with a dark-hued wall.

Arrange logically

Before you start hammering holes into your wall, have a really clear plan of how you want your living room gallery wall to be laid out.

Designate a space with wall papaer

The lines of the gallery wall give the eye somewhere to focus in this bold space whilst still working with the maximalist vibe.

Compose according to scale

The prints aren't taken all the way to the ceiling, as this is a small room that would overwhelm the space.

Mix and match

If you want to curate a living room gallery wall that has longevity opt for a mix of styles – both in the prints and in the choice of frames.

You can actually do all this on your own.  Check out