Ideas to spark your living room with black and white

1.Modern with current touches

An open concept room that combines black and white in a balanced way, making it look like a spacious room, full of light, with different furniture, starting from a white sofa with a variety of cushions as well as other colored elements.

2. With the basics

A room with basics, where no risks are taken and that maintains a consistent line in its concept full of cleanliness, black accents, thanks to large windows in this white environment with lots of light.

3. Relax with the color details

You set the rules of your home, so we leave an example for you that is flexible, as it plays with black, white and other important elements, such as wood, works of art, a hammock, various pillows, more glass

4. A classic design

The classics never fail, so we leave an image that adheres to the basic scheme of black and white, in combination with cream

5. Black and white do not go out of style

A combination that becomes a timeless choice with the right details, so we recommend creating a contrast between materials, textures and lighting effects to keep everything in harmony.

6. Black reflects good taste

The picture exudes a lot of elegance thanks to the good choice of furniture, which in turn feels very warm and cozy due to the wooden floors added to the lighting.

7.Wood, black and white

Wood, white and black would be a surefire combination, which is why we put together this photo in which a floor with an extraordinary finish

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