Bedroom Paint Colors That’ll Make You happier

Blue is the most common hue found in bedrooms around the world. Blue seems to be universally loved (or at least accepted), but that doesn’t mean all blues are created equal.

Blue as bright as a sky


Green is a great color if you’re looking to add a little balance to your space. The color looks great on both men and women, and it’s naturally calming, 

Go green



Orange has been gaining popularity in home decor lately as designers play with warm tones (orange goes well with reds) and try to capture a bit of the Tuscan sun in their interiors.

Orangish orange

I like to use pale shades of pink for a little nighttime calm and depth in my master bedroom, but if you want a lively feel in your space, go with bolder shades of pink.




Yellow is also making lots of appearances in home interiors lately. It’s bright and happy like orange, but it has its own unique moodiness at the same time..

Yellow,the brightest

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