How to own your own Aromatic garden!!

Even if you have no idea how to grow these succulents and you think even the most resistant plants will resist you, stay tuned and read us as we walk you through the world of succulents and growing them. Also give some practical advice.

1. In pots

We recommend that you sow the aromatic herbs that you use in cooking. Tulsi (daily watering), Ajwain (needs a lot of sun but is very drought resistant), Sage (not demanding at all), Parsley (lots of water and little water), Pudina (watering daily)

2. Identify them with labels

Be sure to identify them well with cute chalkboard, cardboard, or wooden labels. You can also take the opportunity to include care guidelines if you are new to planting.

3. In a tray

All together they will give personality to a super nice natural corner in the kitchen.

4. Stone jar

One option with lots of decorative value is to plant them in empty glass pots. Fill each pot with a mixture of two parts clay (clay soil) and one part coarse sand.

5. Decorate with glass jars

From there you can group pots with plants in metal baskets or hang them on the side of a kitchen cabinet.

6. Hanging on the wall

Herbs are ready to be harvested when the first flower buds form. Trim only a few leaves or twigs, at least 10–15 cm from the base of the plant, using scissors or a sharp knife.

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