How to decorate innovatively with stripes

1.Decorate with vertical stripes

Vertical stripes offer many decorative benefits. They are ideal for small spaces as they give a more spacious feel.

2. Horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes, in contrast to vertical stripes, shorten the height of the room where they are located.

How to decorate innovatively with stripes

When asked where we can use stripes in decoration, the truth is that there are infinite answers.

3. Stripes on the wall

In wallpapers, this is one of the options that often tempts us. We have already seen that these stripes help to make rooms look bigger, hence they are used by decorators and interior designers to fool the eyes.

4. Nordic affairs

Striped duvet cover is a great option to give an extra touch to your bedroom. If we already know the benefits of applying stripes to rooms, we can see it getting bigger and bigger as we incorporate them into the room.

5.  Sofas

Striped sofas are becoming more common in this season. The stripes in this type of element create style and provide more visual depth than a plain upholstery.

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