'Heavy lies the head': Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II had an extensive collection of jewelry, including expensive crowns and crowns, some of which can be seen in the Tower of London.

The Queen is said to have about 50 tiaras in her personal collection.

While some of his jewelry such as crowns and brooches can be seen in the Tower of London, his personal collection also includes much highly-priced jewelry.

The Royal Collection, the world's largest private collection to house the Queen's jewelry, includes more than a million items,

Some of which date back to the reign of Henry VIII, as the New York Post reported. The royal collection can be divided into two parts:

1.Jewelry owned by the emperor of the period 2.The Queen's Personal Items With regard to her personal belongings, the Queen can give the coveted tiara to anyone,

The wife of King Charles, the Queen Consort Camilla, or the wife of the Prince of Wales, Kate Middleton.

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