Fast food law signed in California

California lawmakers have signed off on a landmark measure that would empower and protect more than half a million fast food workers,

Despite objections from restaurant owners who warned it would increase consumer costs.

Governor Gavin Newsom passed legislation on Monday in California to create a 10-member fast food council with the right to set minimum standards for wages, hours, and working conditions,

Along with two state officials with an equal number of employee and employer representatives.

The law would limit the minimum wage increase for fast food workers at chains with more than 100 restaurants to $22 an hour next year, compared to the national minimum of $15.50 an hour.

Newsom said he was proud to have signed the measure on Labor Day. "The state legislature approved the measure on August 29.

Brian Dahle, the Republican candidate for governor in November, called it "a springboard to unite all these activists.

Restaurant owners and franchisors cited an analysis commissioned by the UC Riverside Center for Economic Forecast and Development as saying the law would increase costs for consumers.

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