Donald Trump goes on a nonsensical rant

Former President Donald Trump made a nonsensical rant about electric vehicles at a rally in Pennsylvania last week.

Trump claimed that an all-electric vehicle got "58 miles per gallon" and even suggested that "we need to get rid of the stuff.

To spread misinformation about Rally. He began by claiming that electric cars are "twice as expensive.

Trump's cynicism was hard to follow, but he made some clear claims that are easy to prove wrong.

For example, he claimed that his friend got "58 miles per gallon" in his electric car.

He bought an electric car and traveled frequently from Kentucky to Washington, and he built it.

The electric car currently on sale in the US with the lowest MPG is the Audi e-tron S with 63 MPG – nowhere near the inefficiency, Trump was talking about.

Trump then claimed that this friend had called him to complain that "his trips take forever" because he can only drive "two hours before charging his car".

Trump then made a strange comment about the time it took to charge the vehicle:It took me longer to recharge in that damn car than at the drive-thru.

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