Defense slams chief for calling suspect

Lawyers for the suspect in the fatal kidnapping of jogger Elijah Fletcher objected in court Thursday to the local police chief, who described the suspect as a "dangerous hunter."

Attorney Jennifer Case of the Shelby County Public Defender's Office told Judge Louis J. That, in his opinion, comments made by Memphis Police Chief Careline about his client "C.J."

Davis reported a "breach of ethics" at a news conference and initially requested prosecutors and police to impose a restraining order.

Assistant Shelby County District Attorney Paul Hagerman told Montesi that there was no need for a gag order on "literally the first day" of the case

And that his office has a duty to inform the public about the court proceedings and factual evidence in the case.

Thursday was the third day in a row that the suspect, 38-year-old Cliotha Abston Henderson, appeared in court.

Case, which was not part of Henderson's previous defense team, said that the public defender who represented Henderson

During his guilty plea in 2001 would not be involved in Henderson's defense on the new kidnapping and murder charges.

The judge set September 19 as Henderson's next court date. Henderson has yet to plead to Fletcher's murder charges.

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