Davante Adams 'Almost Died' With Derek Carr

Davante Adams is now expected to win the Super Bowl as he is reunited with his college quarterback Derek Carr on the Las Vegas Raiders.

The two have already been battle-tested on the field, played at Fresno State, and together broke five school records.

The five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver "We Almost Died Together" in ESPN's cover story published Tuesday.

Adams refers to the time in college when he went rafting with his quarterback on the Upper Kings River in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

For Adams, who comes from a community that was once known as the country's murder capital, the experience was brand new.

The journey began fairly smoothly before the crew's infamous Banzai Gap, which could be equivalent to Class IV, is known as a difficult whitewater rafting course

Instead of following the main rule of whitewater rafting - keep paddling - Adams and Carr froze, leaving the work to Soares and Neil.

One by one they all fell from the raft and were released screaming for air, but they all swam safely.

From that moment on, he was the best rower I've ever had."

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