5 design tricks bathroom experts use to create privacy

1. Make the bathroom in a discreet space of your home

It makes sense to make the loo as discreet as possible, perhaps tucked behind the entrance door or hidden behind a full- or half-height wall

2. Design the bathroom with enclosing spaces

If space allows, a separate cubicle can be installed to house the WC or shower. This will keep the other part of the bathroom free to use and you won't get disturbed too.

3. Try to camouflage

it can make sense to carve an area from the bedroom space, building a stud wall between the sleeping and bathing areas.

4. Give a separation in your bathroom

While a clear glass shower screen is always an elegant choice, choosing a frosted, tinted or fluted glass screen will elevate the space to the next level and also give you an unobtrusive yet stylish way to create some privacy

5. Have a proper door for your bathroom

Design starts from the door, which can aid sound proofing and mark a change in mood.

6. Add curtains 

Window treatments play an important role in enhancing your wash room, but they also offer the opportunity to create a decorative focal point.

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