49ers benefit from obscure penalty

The San Francisco 49ers took advantage of unusually non-player-like demeanor on Sunday when the Bears' placeholders learned a hard lesson about mulch at Soldier Field.

Hoping to soften the mulch, rookie gambler Trenton Gill grabbed a towel to pat the spot where he was hoping to position the ball for a field goal from the 29-yard line.

Instead, Gill was flagged for a 15-yard non-player conduct penalty.

He put a towel on the field to wipe the ground during the dead ball period." As per the rules, it is illegal.

"The sentence also puzzled NFL writers, some of whom said on Twitter that they had never seen a towel before.

Punter Trenton Gill was hit with a non-player penalty for putting a towel on the pitch to wipe the spot where the Bears were trying to score a field goal.

A penalty kicked Chicago out of bounds for a field goal.

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