Studio apartment design guidelines


With a growing population, we are also running out of space for building residences for everyone. And to solve this problem, studio apartment design came into place, in many places people are living in studio apartments whose are is around 500-600 sq. ft.

So it’s a very small place and with this, a problem arises of a studio apartment design, in order to fit all the stuff and at the same time make it look presentable and aesthetically pleasing.

So here are some tricks and tips for studio apartment design by which you can design it functionally as well as beautifully.

1.Plan it out on paper

See when we shift in a space, it looks messed up because of the furniture and accessories all lying in the places unarranged and we cannot figure what is the optimum way to arrange the whole place.

So the first thing first, one must take a pen and paper and have a schematic sketch of the whole place and then design the whole place in a way that will accumulate every area functionally.

But before that read the article completely so that you get different ideas and tricks to design the whole space.

2. Separate the space

In a studio apartment, we don’t have any demarcated space as living room, bedroom, kitchen so the first thing we must do is segregate the place according to the required spaces to live in.

The most important spaces for a studio apartment are the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The space of the living room can be used multi-functionally.

Another important thing is, in spite of having a big space for the kitchen, making a kitchenette and just a slab will be enough for making food.

3. Aesthetic ways of segregation

You can demarcate the spaces with different materials in an innovative way.

a.Use bookshelves as dividers

This is a good way of utilizing the space in a functional way. It can be used as a storage as well as a room divider.

b.Use curtains

This is the simplest way to divide a room that will not even take any extra space for dividing.

c.Use a glass partition for dividing the room.

Using glass partition will solve the problem of partition in an amazing way. It will not just divide the room at the same time it will keep the space visually open not making it look small or claustrophobic.

d.Making a nook

You can definitely make a nook and demarcate place if you like privacy and coziness. You can even add steps to segregate the bedroom from the rest of the space.

e.Use carpets

Carpets might not divide the space physically, but it definitely segregates the space visually. This looks aesthetically pleasing and also makes the place cozy.

4. Use double-duty furniture

Choose the furniture wisely. For example, turn your bed into a daybed so that the apartment looks spacious.

You can turn a dining table into a study table and your study lamp into a bedside lamp. Bed with storage will help you a lot to keep the apartment clean and it will also solve your storage problem.

We must think in a minimalistic way. Using bunk beds also saves a lot of space and at the same time, it gives a good sense of privacy for the bedroom. You can even use the space underneath the bed that will be added to the apartment.

5. Flush the wardrobe

As we all know the Wardrobe does take a lot of space. So, since we are lacking space, how about flushing the wardrobe into the wall or partition of the apartment.

Using sliding doors for the wardrobe will same the space of opening the wardrobe.

6. Floating shelves are your savior

Floating shelves are something that will look beautiful and at the same time, it will solve the problem of your storage.

Use every inch of the space in a creative way and be creative in case of storage.

7. Furniture with visibility of legs

It is a really good way of making the space look bigger. Go for furniture that has space under it and its legs are visible. It does not make the space look crowded and rather the place looks lighter.

You can check out 31 ways to design a small bedroom. You will definitely get a lot of ideas for your studio apartment as well.

8. Go minimalistic

We often try to arrange a lot of things in a small place making it look crowded.

For a small space, the most important point to be taken care of is making the floor visible. This trick always works.

For this, have minimum furniture. Only those that are necessary. We must also have space to add plants to our apartment. Don’t we?

9. Contrast with shapes

In a small linear space, we must go for the curve to break its linearity and make the space interesting.

For example, go for a circular dining table in spite of a rectangle or square. It will take less space as well as it will break the linearity.

You can also go for curves when planning for shelves on the wall. They will look great in a small space.

10. Utilize every space

As its a small space, it is very important to use every space very functionally and not to leave any negative space in the apartment.

Many times we do not understand what to do with the corners and they end up being a negative space.

For corners, go for corner shelves or L-shaped seating. It will utilize the negative corner space beautifully.

11. Small to the big illusion

For making the smaller space look bigger, You can do some tricks to make them look bigger.

a.Have reflective and shiny surfaces.

Maybe have a glass center table for your living room or a reflective and shining countertop for the kitchenette.

The more it reflects the more the place will look bigger.

b.mirror it up

As I said in the previous point reflection makes the space look bigger. You can place a beautiful antique mirror on your apartment and let your apartment shine.

c.Use shorter curtains

Do not let the curtains of the windows touch the ground. Keeping a certain amount of space from the ground will make the space look bigger.

As I told you before the most important trick is to make the floor visible as much as possible.

d.Illusioned wallpapers

Another way to make the space look bigger is an illusion. How about wallpaper with loads of books on it. Won’t that be illusions?

This can give a theme to the apartment and also will help in making the space look bigger.

12. Colours scheme to the studio apartment design

We often get confused with colors when it comes to smaller spaces.

Go for neutral colors for the walls and dark and bright colors for the furniture can be a great option.

You can also go for bright colors. There is no problem in that as far as there is a good amount of daylight or artificial light is there in the apartment.

Using dark colors might make the space look dull and darker but if there is a sufficient amount of light, then you are good to go.

Please do check out this article for more ideas for a small space.

So, these were some of the steps and tips for studio apartment design. And now when you have completed this article, now is the time for you to take a pencil and paper and start sketching your future home. And arranging it in a most functional way.

Here are some of the plans to help you out with planning your own space.


P.S. don’t forget to add plants to your apartment.

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