Steps to organize walk-in closet|small walk-in closet ideas


If you are struggling every day to find your dresses in your closet then hello it’s high time for you to organize it. And don’t worry if you have a small closet. These steps will help you with small walk-in closet ideas as well.

If you are thinking that even after organizing it ends up becoming a mess, then don’t worry because I am going to give you some easy and cheap tips by which you will be able to keep it clutter-free. So let’s get started.

1.Clean the closet

Take out everything you have in the closet as it won’t be possible to organize keeping everything intact.

It will be better if you scatter them on the floor of the closet so that you can see each and every item in your closet.

2.Declutter it

This is the hardest part. Check all your clothes and accessories and look for the things you don’t need anymore.

Like some dresses have gone out of fashion, some got damaged and some don’t fit. So just purge them as much as you can because that will help you keep it organized and clean.

The best thing about doing this step is, you can even do good deeds by donating the clothes that you don’t want anymore. This will make you feel amazing and at the same time, your closet will be organized. Try doing this once a year.

3. Segregate everything

Since it is a walk-in closet, there will be a lot of things like your clothes, winter wear, shoes, accessories, and even makeup.

So the best thing is to segregate everything and make sections in your closet for everything. This section will later help you to find things quickly in no time.

4.Redesigning the closet

Just decluttering won’t help you organize your closet. It is equally important to keep the things in a proper way so that there is a place for every item

Let’s begin with hanging clothes. If you have a shortage of hanging rods then you must add rods for the longer sections of the closet where you can hang the expensive dresses that you don’t wear too often.

For regular clothes, you can go with smaller sections of the closet and you can fold your daily wear and use the smaller ones. You can even use them to keep winter wear as they don’t require ironing.

5.Add extra storage for small walk-in closet

Add bins and baskets to the closet where you can keep your makeup or socks. By doing this, you will remember where you kept your socks or handkerchiefs, etc.

This will also add personal style to your closet as well as will add extra storage. This works for small walk in closet ideas as well.

6. Arrange your drawers

The most messed up parts of closets are mostly drawers because it’s a huge place for small items and a small place for large items and we don’t really understand that what can be kept in the drawer.

So let me solve this problem for you. You can add shoe boxes or any other small boxes inside the drawer and separate the whole space into small compartments.

By doing this you can keep small items in it and at the same time, you can keep large items as well using the rolling technique of folding. Do give it a try.

7.House for shoes

We all love to collect shoes and they do require a good amount of space to be kept. For shoes either you can add a separate shoe rack or you can give a section of your closet for shoes.

Try to keep the shoes in a standing position as it will take less space for example your boots.

8.Add if you need anything

As you have decided to organize your closet perfectly, you can always add to it. You can add more shelves, more drawers, more rods if you feel necessary.

And finally, arrange your things accordingly. Try to keep the floor clean and empty and not keep anything on the floor. This will make the closet look bigger as well.

So here are some of the small walk-in closet ideas for organizing it in an optimum way and by following these I hope you will be able to keep it intact and it won’t get cluttered.

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