Spectacular gardens with swimming pool

Backyard oasis with a swimming pool inside a private residential backyard

We always want to have a swimming pool in our house but we most of the time don’t get the perfect place for it that will enhance the beauty of our home and will also give a spectacular view from the pool. So, here are some spectacular gardens with swimming pool that might give you idea for the perfect place for your swimming pool.

1.A multi-level garden with a swimming pool

This garden breathes countryside. And it is no coincidence, as it belongs to a hundred year old farmhouse with a vast expanse converted into a garden. The veranda, is on the highest point and in front of it is the swimming pool, a newly built structure that imitates the modern houses.

2. A Luxurious Rustic Garden With A Dream Pool

This garden is designed as a place of relaxation by adding wooden deck with luxurious lounges and at the same time continuing the luxury with the garden and plants and adding a beautiful pattern to the walk way along with the grass. It gives a soothing view from the deck of the swimming pool that will be a very vital part of your relaxation.

3. A spectacular Mediterranean garden with a basic square pool

This eclectic and exuberant garden stands out for its carefully “neglected” appearance, with a mix of species from the Mediterranean and the Ibiza region. It has been given this stone look as it compliments the home it is attached to. The three fountains complete the look of the Mediterranean style.

4. A wooded garden with a small pool

The wooden deck enhances the look of the whole garden. Even with a small swimming pool, the garden is looking very attractive and by adding different kinds of plants and a beautiful sitting, makes it more cozy.

5. Always green and flowering garden with sunny pool

This garden with a swimming pool hides a curious story. And it is that the owners decided to put in the garden, orchard and green perimeter around it, along with the construction of the house. Result? Now the scene is pure countryside, dotted with white and purple hues of jasmine on the porch and bougainvillea to chill out. The swimming pool, located in the central part of the garden, always enjoys the sun, without the trees providing shade.

6. A Mediterranean garden with a very natural effect

The garden has been remodeled. In this many types of species of plants has been used. This allowed us to enjoy a very well established and leafy garden where even the pool looks like it has always been.

7. An overflow swimming pool and a natural park with ocean views

Who doesn’t like infinite pool! The garden is so designed because it was at a height. If your garden is at a height, then you can always opt for an infinite pool which will always make you feel as if you are in Maldives.

8. A wooded garden with a construction pool

This spacious exterior is more than a garden, it looks like a private patch of lawn. Thus, in the garden, wild plants coexist with jasmine, fruit trees, vines . And at the height of the land, the built-in swimming pool, inspired by the old pool, is inserted. The design of this garden is as comfortable as it is natural.

9. A garden with a swimming pool with a reservoir

A stepped pool with a reservoir always makes us wonder if this will make the look of the pool a mess. But you can always utilize it and add beautiful patterns of tiles as shown in the image.

10. Relaxing place next to the pool and in the shade of a main tree

As far as the eye can see, this green garden appears to be an extension of the adjacent meadow. The giant asparagus tree provides the perfect shade for enjoying a picnic or nap in the cold. And even better, a step away from the pool.

11. A Refreshing Andalusian Garden With Swimming Pool With Spa Calling

In this Andalusian garden, where flowers, shrubs and ancient trees coexist in harmony, the eye is undoubtedly on the pool, a pristine blue that contrasts with the surrounding vegetation. This is an old pool that has been restored and turned into a pool with transparent water. How relaxing!

12. With a pool designed for the enjoyment of a large family

Walking barefoot on the grass is pure pleasure, but if there are 4 small kids in the house, you also have to think about practicalities. This is why the pool area in this garden was protected with a non-slip floor that mimics wood and is race-resistant around the pool.

These are some spectacular gardens with swimming pool that will help you enhance the look of your garden. You can also check out backyard on budget landscaping ideas that will help you with your gardening and choosing of plants for your garden.

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