How to keep windows from fogging up?


If the windows are constantly fogged up, your window may have a damaged or broken seal. This problem can cause water damage, mildew, and stains on the floor, so it’s best for you to get it fixed as soon as possible and solve the problem of how to keep windows from fogging up.

Read on to learn how to prevent your windows from fogging up and what you can do to fix the problem. Fogging windows are not only annoying, but they can also be downright dangerous.

There are weather and climate reasons behind it, but when you can’t see where you’re going, knowing the cause of the problem doesn’t help solve it. That’s why we’ve compiled some great tips so that you can avoid window fogging altogether.

The reason behind a window getting foggy

Your windows can be foggy due to extreme indoor/outdoor temperatures, plants growing around your home, or a broken window sill (on double-paned windows).

When the window seals are broken, moisture builds up between the panes, giving windows a milky, foggy appearance.

How to prevent windows from fogging?

To keep the windows in your home from fogging up, try these methods:

Use a dehumidifier – This quiet, energy-efficient system will remove moisture from the air and prevent condensation on your windows.

Buy a Window Film Kit – When applied to your windows, this film can keep glass surfaces free of condensation by preventing warm interior air from reaching the cold glass.

Turn on fans– Even in winter, try turning on fans to prevent hot air from sticking to windows.

While these solutions may temporarily stop the windows in your home from fogging up, a more permanent solution would be to replace the window panes.

How can an insulated glass window prevent fogging?

For the most part, double pane windows or insulating glass units work very well. They handle all kinds of climates and do a great job of retaining heat in winter and cool air in summer.

Between the glass panels, there is an insulating air space that maintains a constant temperature and minimizes heat loss.

Most modern windows have two seals: an inner seal to protect from moisture, and an outer seal to maintain the strength of the window. The seal contains a spacer, usually a tube containing chemicals that absorb water.

When one seal begins to break, another seal may last a little longer. However, as a window age, its components begin to break down, causing both the seal to deteriorate and condensation to form. When this happens, it’s probably a good time to replace the window panes.

These were some of the ways by which you can prevent your windows from fogging and enjoy the outside view. I hope this gave you ideas to solve your problem. Check out more solutions to your home-related problems.


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