Indoor plant decoration ideas


Houseplants are decorative elements of the first order, but large plants, shrubs, and trees stand out in this regard and fill any room in the house with their spectacular appearance. For that it is very important to know the indoor plant decoration ideas.

Houseplants are one of the cheapest and most successful ways to decorate your home. They are decorative, purify the air in the home and create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of the most amazing indoor plant decoration ideas for you:

1.Planters are essential in study and work area

Study area and work places are the places where we get stressed out and moreover our eyes gets strain and sometimes brain too gets stuck. So, we all know that green soothes the eyes. So what’s better than having beautiful plants in the room to make it warm and at same time soothe our eyes while working.

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2.Make small little corners to decorate with plants

Having small group of plants in a dedicated area makes the place more attractive. And the best way is to use stone pots with subtle colors to make the color of the plant pop out in the space. The best places can be on the corner of a console, on the top of cupboards and places that might look flat to you, you can use plants to make them interesting.

3. In front of a blank wall

We often have those blank walls that do have a purpose but we don’t understand what to do to make it look good and end up hanging a painting on it. But I feel decorating with indoor plants will actually make a big difference to the space and it will actually make the wall look purposeful.

4. Indoor plant decoration Ideas using glass jars

Using glass jars for plant decor is a great idea. You can hang it or you can keep it on a floating shelf. Any which way it looks really appealing to the eyes. You can also go for DIY with glass jars and you can do glass painting on it to make it intersting.

5. As a door frame decorator

As we all know a really fun type of plants are climbers. And we have that opportunity to use it to decorate our home in different ways. We can do indoor plant wall decor with and we can even wrap it around the top of our boring wardrobes to give it some look.

6. Vertical gardening is the new cool

Vertical gardening is a very famous kind of gardening that are used in all kinds of spaces now a days. You can do this on the walls of your corridor, on the walls of your balcony or even on a partition wall. You can also make a wall out of vertical gardening for your home that will add warmth to your space.

7. Funky indoor plant decoration ideas

This can a best fit for the sill of the window of your bedroom. Use different kinds of funky pots to make the whole composition attractive and you can use colorful pots too to add color to your room.

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8.Make the plants a decorative element

Most of the time people decorate their home with showpiece and other accessories but we can also decorate our space by using the stands and decorating the different kinds of plants on it. You can mix and match as well by using big and small plants.

9.Having a dedicated place for plants

You can always have a place where you deliberately design that place for the decorating plants and this is a great indoor plant decoration idea. You can also add seating space close to that area, where you can sit and see the place and enjoy its beauty.

10. Make the place welcoming

Plants do make the place warm and it makes the place cozy. So with group of furniture, you can add some potted plants on the corner of your room, some hanging plants and with some flowering plants to complete the whole look. Try it on, I am sure you will love it.

11. Climbers in the room

In modern style interior designing, we ofter have subtle colors and straight lines for our interiors and there is not much that would pop of the place to make the place stand out. So have a wall with vertical gardening or some climbers designed in a beautiful way, actually makes a big difference to the room. You can do this for your home office or even your formal living room. Plant makes the space homely.

12. Go creative with indoor plant decoration ideas

House plant decoration is complete when the pot fits the space. You can design the pots with different kind of moods for your home. Like if you have a traditional style of interiors, then you can use jute and earth pots for your plants. If you have a bohemian style of interiors, you can have funky, colorful and painted pots and if you have modern style of interiors, you can have stone, metallic looking pots that will fit the look of the home.

13. Corner fillers

Corners are the spaces in the room that are the most difficult part to decorate and often it becomes a negative space. And those negative spaces are one that we neither we can use it productively nor we can include it as a whole to our room. So, the best you can do is add plants in the corner of the room. This can be the best solution for your negative space. And try to go for big plants that will bind your room as a whole.

14. Combination of plants

Many of us just love plants and also love to spend our time gardening. So, for that kind of people, plants must be outside as well as inside the house. But having plants inside and outside is not the same. So, then comes the designer racks with unique designs that will help you keep your plants properly and clean without making them conjured or clumsy.

15. Design with elegance

Just having plants inside the house is not enough to make it look beautiful. It can make the place look clumsy and untidy. Indoor plant decoration ideas are very important for one to design the whole look of the space including the look of the plants. And its really fun to have different creative ways to decorate the plants indoors. You can have glass jars, metallic pots, earth pots, aluminum pots, and stone pots too. So, choose your look and then apply it in your interiors.

16. Scandinavian style

This is my favorite style of Interior where you can have a white wall color and play with colors with furniture, rugs, and other accessories. It also gives a very warm look to the interiors and soothing to the eyes where you can spend your whole day without feeling bored. And the most important part of the Scandinavian style is the plants. So, you have to be very specific with the color and texture of the pots in this style of interior, But once done, will give an amazing look.

17. Match the pattern

Here is another way by which you can combine the whole look of your home. You can have plants at the center of the room and where it can be highlighted in a good way and you can match the pattern of the plants and have the same patterns matched with your curtains, rugs, furniture that will combine the look as a whole.

18. Modern ways of plant decoration

Many times we feel that having plants inside a modern style of interior design may make the look change and look traditional. But there are modern ways to decorate the plants indoors. In fact, you can add lights along with the decorated plants that will make it more attractive.

19. Hang them on

Hanging the plants is a very beautiful way to decorate your plants makes the place dynamic and in this you can have different kinds of plants like flowering plants as well as climbers, money plants, etc.

So, these were indoor plant decoration ideas that will help you bring the plants indoor and make the look complete for your home. You can also check out, creative timeless garden ideas that might help your garden or your small balcony gardening.


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