Ideas for your living room Black and white magic touches!


Black and white, they are two neutral colors, this combination is very popular in design and decoration and with a touch of sophistication, they give the spaces elegance and style, we will discuss about ideas for your living room black and white.

Let’s talk, as we already know, the room is considered to be the main room, because it is the first one you see when you open the front door of our house, so it is essential that the decoration be seductive, so We will give you some magic touch if you have this color combination in your modern living room or take note if you want to use it, make yourself comfortable and get ready to enjoy this nice item.

The living room is a place that the members of the household visit on a daily basis, which is why it is useful to approach it properly. For this, we are going to give you some ideas on how to use two totally opposite colors like black and white to give a dynamic touch to your room. We can use white if we want a bright and energetic atmosphere, but always highlight some elements in black so as not to overload the room.

If, on the other hand, we want a more intimate atmosphere, we can use black as the main color and occupy white walls or floors to emphasize the most important elements. An off- or marbled white can give us a calm and intimate atmosphere combined with black.

1- Modern with current touches

An open concept room that combines black and white in a balanced way, making it look like a spacious room, full of light, with different furniture, starting from a white sofa with a variety of cushions as well as other colored elements. For a perfect balance.

In the middle of your room

Modern style coffee tables don’t meet any specific standard, they can be any size and shape you like, opt for unconventional designs, you will see it become the center of attention in your room.

2- With the basics

A room with basics, where no risks are taken and that maintains a consistent line in its concept full of cleanliness, black accents, thanks to large windows in this white environment with lots of light.

Chairs work too

If you already have chairs or chairs in these neutral colors black and white, don’t hesitate to use them, you’ll see the touch of style they’ll add to your super modern room. Ad-hoc Concept Architecture are the experts who brought this beautiful contemporary room to life.

3- Relax with the color details

You set the rules of your home, so we leave an example for you that is flexible, as it plays with black, white and other important elements, such as wood, works of art, a hammock, various pillows, more glass Yes, it makes. Clearly there is a limit to inventiveness.

Clarity contributes the most

If you use this combination and you have large windows, make the most of it, use light curtains that let the sunlight in slowly, you will see how the visual dimension of your room increases Is.

4- A classic design

The classics never fail, so we leave an image that adheres to the basic scheme of black and white, in combination with cream, as well as a very textured carpet, without forgetting the lighting that suits the most. Emphasizes the important.

A very original rug

Carpets are functional elements in our rooms, in addition to delimiting areas they are perfect to contribute to the decor, in this case, if you have a carpet in the above combination, place it so that it can be seen and admired .

5- Black and white do not go out of style

A combination that becomes a timeless choice with the right details, so we recommend creating a contrast between materials, textures and lighting effects to keep everything in harmony.

Painting ideas for your living room Black and white

Paintings, lithographs, tapestries, in short, every decorative element of this sequence, in various shapes and sizes, is the touch that should never be missing to complete our beautiful room.

6- Black reflects good taste

The picture exudes a lot of elegance thanks to the good choice of furniture, which in turn feels very warm and cozy due to the wooden floors added to the lighting.

Light game

In the modern style we can play with lamps in their shapes and sizes, you can have a central pendant lamp with direct light for a more romantic touch, as well as LED lamps arranged throughout the room for more illumination. Maybe, accessory lamps aren’t too far behind to accomplish the style we want to recreate.

7- Wood, black and white

Wood, white and black would be a surefire combination, which is why we put together this photo in which a floor with an extraordinary finish magically merges with a table in the middle, a black sofa, gray armchairs and a textured carpet Is.

The furniture

For this style, any type of furniture set is good, the main thing is that they meet the colors required for the style we want to apply, black or white, or a combination of both will give you a great result .

Cushions to decorate

Using pillows of different sizes, shapes, textures and patterns will help complement the ambiance of your room, whether you use them in a single combination, black and white, or you can add a pop of color to the room.

8- Current, high and contemporary

We see how the present decoration is developed in a house which has great height. A set of white and translucent curtains is placed here so that it does not affect the natural lighting as well as complementing other glassware and other materials.

The wood is strained

The use of this color combination with wood or a wooden color element completes our overall vision of the style, wood adds a touch of nature and softens the sophistication of our room.

These were some really cool ideas for your living room Black and white that will enhance the whole look and attract your guests who won’t leave without complimenting your taste of style.

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