How to remove tire marks from concrete?

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Would you like to know how to remove tire marks from concrete so the floor can shine again? Let’s see some simple steps to solve this problem.

The maintenance and cleaning of garages in neighborhood communities, businesses, or any type of public center are critical to the well-being of the space and its users. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but it also helps prevent the spread of mold or bacteria that can be harmful.

In these places, one of the most common problems that we can face is that vehicles leave tire marks on the ground and they are difficult to remove. The main reason they are so difficult to clean is that there can be 30 different types of rubber in car tires. A petroleum-derived material that adheres firmly to the ground.

But apart from some professional chemical products, there are some home remedies that can help us get rid of them. Today we will see how to remove tire tracks in the garage.

How to remove tire marks in the garage with homemade products

Here’s a recommendation before trying any of these tricks: Try the angle of the stain first to see if it works. The effectiveness of each of these remedies can vary depending on the material to which the mark is applied.

1. Wine

We’ve already established that alcohol is a great ally when it comes to cleaning. And it can also be very useful when it comes to removing tire marks.

To do this, all we have to do is soak a cloth with alcohol and cover the stain for about 10 or 15 minutes so that it starts to soften.

After this time, we begin to gently rub with a cloth to remove the remnants of dirt.

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of those products that we can find in every kitchen, with thousands of uses when it comes to deep cleaning.

The acidity helps us remove tire tracks in the garage. We make a mixture of water, soap, and vinegar. Then we spread it over the stain and help ourselves with a stiff brush to scrub.

Finally, we remove the excess product with a cloth or mop. The stain is gone!

Special products for removing tire tracks in the garage

If the stain persists through the flooring material, or if you need a professional solution immediately, there are plenty of chemical cleaners on the market that will help you get rid of tire marks.

It is very easy to use it. We just need to apply a layer of the product on the mark and let it act for the time recommended by the manufacturer.

When it is done, all we have to do is clean the area using a scrubber. It is not necessary to use detergent at this step, as the product residue does its job of completely removing any remaining dirt.

To finish, it is enough to use our usual cleaning product to get a glossy finish.

Also, check out the steps on how to smooth concrete and give it a perfect look.

Get a Professional Service to Remove Tire Tracks in the Garage

Keeping a garage floor in perfect condition is a task that requires a lot of effort, professional machines, and specialized products. Therefore, it is usually the best option to engage a professional garage cleaning service.

You can always take help from professionals to remove the tire mark if you don’t want to do any work on your own.

These were some easy ways how to remove tire marks from concrete by home remedy and by other means. Check out more solutions to home-related problems.


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