How to prevent furniture from sliding on the floor


Many people who have a hardwood floor, face the problem of how to prevent furniture from sliding on the floor. If you fall on a chair or dive off a couch, the low friction can cause your furniture to slide on the floor. In addition to the nuisance, creeping furniture can scratch or damage floors, requiring expensive repairs. Fortunately, there are some easy and inexpensive ways to avoid this.

Purchase and use of furniture cushions

1. Measure the dimensions of your furniture legs

Tilt your furniture behind it or to the side. Count the number of feet and measure the dimensions of each foot where it shares contact with the floor. You will use this count and measurement to select the correct size and quantity of furniture grip cushions.

2.Buy grip pads for furniture

Choose from a set of custom furniture grip pads. You can find these at most major retailers and home improvement stores. They are also available from various online stores.

Furniture grip pads come in a variety of sizes, styles, and quantities.

Choose a set that suits you.

3.Move your furniture to the desired position

For large, heavy furniture, have someone help lift and position it.

4.Place the clamping pad under your furniture

Raise or tilt the furniture to the desired position and place support cushions under all contact points between the furniture and the floor. The increased friction between the mat and the floor keeps the furniture in place

5.Screw in the grip pads if they are designed to screw directly into the furniture legs

This type of grip pad may require drilling a small pilot hole. Using a drill bit smaller than the screw, drill directly under each leg. Suitable screws are usually sold with this type of pad.

Attach grip pads to the bottom of each foot. Using a screwdriver, insert the screw firmly into the pilot hole in the center of the clamp pad.

Some furniture has wheels. These wheels are usually equipped with locks to prevent them from rolling over. Make sure these latches are closed. If slippage and slippage persist, it is possible to place the caster wheels directly on the grip pads as described in step four.

Creating your own grip pads

Make grip pads out of hot glue. If possible, remove the legs from your furniture. Find the part of the foot that shares contact with the floor. Using a hot glue gun, slowly coat this surface with a thin, even layer of hot glue. [3]

Start at the center of the surface and work your way up in a spiral. Wait for some time for the glue to cool and dry. It should feel firm and feel like rubber.

1.Reattach the legs to the furniture

Move the furniture to the desired location, possibly with someone else’s help. Carefully place it upright at the desired location.

2.Make a grip pad out of gasket rubber

Buy a pack of red gasket rubber. Red rubber gaskets are commonly used to create seals for plumbing applications and can be found at most hardware stores and hardware stores. It is available in packs of 6×6-inch squares. Buy the appropriate amount for your project.[4]

At home, place it under the legs of your furniture, where they share contact with the floor.

If desired, you can cut the red rubber gasket with scissors or a utility knife before cutting it to size.

Trace around the underside of the furniture leg onto the red rubber gasket with a pen or marker.

Cut out the drawn shape and place it between the furniture legs and the floor.

3.Make grip pads from other readily available household materials

Almost any piece of thin, durable rubber material will do. A rubber mat or kitchen rubber liner for the drawer can be used in the same way as the red gasket rubber in the previous step. Simply cut it to the right size and place it under the legs of your furniture.


One of the easiest ways to prevent furniture from sliding is using rugs. This will enhance the look of the room as well as solve the problem of how to prevent furniture from sliding on the floor. But this is not a practical and permanent solution to the problem. The above solutions are practical and will help in the long run.

I hope the above points will help you solve the problem of how to prevent furniture from sliding on the floor. If you are designing or redesigning your bedroom then you can check out bedroom furniture ideas to design your bedroom in a functional and beautiful way.


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