How to organize a small kitchen without a pantry?


Kitchen is the most crucial part of a home as it is the most used and people mostly gather around it. So, we often get cautious about the the look of it and having a small kitchen is a big problem for us. As keeping small spaces clean is the toughest task. Here are some ideas on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry. So lets get started.

1.Take advantage of the full height of the kitchen

If your kitchen is small, don’t hesitate to go this way: Take cabinets up to the ceiling and turn every inch of usable storage space. One tool to make it visually lighter is to combine showcase-type modules, as done here, with other closed modules.

2.A bar to hang on the ingot

They are an easy, economical, and most practical resource. Not only do you use up a kitchen space you wouldn’t otherwise use, but you also free up a drawer, giving you more storage space. And the bonus? That’s the most used kitchen utensils you have on hand.

3.Cabinet with pull-out solution

Pull-out drawers like these are the most convenient option for organizing a pantry and making the most of under cabinetry. Since it is full extraction, you can access all the ingredients no matter how many lines of products you have. Not only do you have control over the pantry, but you also prevent foods from reaching their sale date because they were at the bottom of the pantry and you didn’t even remember to put them.

4.Use hooks to make better use of shelves

In small spaces, it’s time to use ingenuity. With this offer: two shelves that not only serve as a shelf but the base is complemented with hooks for hanging cups, which also decorate the kitchen and give it a very lively look Huh. Another very practical option is to install a railing to hold the glasses in place.

5.An old plate that orders and decorates

It is one thing to do without high cabinets so as not to visually overload the kitchen, and another to waste the storage capacity of the walls. For example, an old silver utensil with which you can keep crockery for daily use as well as serve as a decorative item.

6.A very comfortable folding cabinet with opening

If you don’t want to give up on high cabinets, it’s very practical to choose landscape cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling. You get storage space, but without visually overloading the kitchen. In these cases, hinged cabinets are very comfortable, as in this kitchen.

7.Colonize walls and add space to store

In one of the walls, make the shelf to hold everything from the crockery you usually use for cooking to the most common items like dough or pasta. In addition, the window is saved with an additional shelf.

8.Benefit from corners with removable accessories

You shouldn’t lose an inch in a small kitchen. Not even that inaccessible corner cabinet. To really get the most out of it, it’s most practical to equip it with pull-out solutions, such as this one, as they use up the entire floor of the cupboard and leave the contents insight, with easy access to them. with.

9.A basic shelf that is two shelves

This shelf provides storage space as well as a decorative element, thanks to its design, with a closed bottom shelf and a tall top, for the most commonly used foods, herbs, or even food items. That’s perfect for pottery decor items, which will make the most vibrant kitchen.

Chcek out how to decorate the top of the kitchen cabinet.

10.A whole wall of cabinets in the hallway

When meters are low, transit zones become leveraged points. As in this open plan kitchen in the daybed area where an entire wall of cupboards has been fitted into the kitchen entry hallway, which includes everything from the fridge to the utility room. And so that it visually looks neat and not “so kitchen”, the appliances are paneled.

11.A Very Comfortable Open Corner Cabinet

Corner cabinets are generally hated the most in kitchens, but for that, we should not miss the potential they offer. For example, here the doors have been removed, making access easier, and it is equipped with shelves for storing crockery. To make it even more comfortable, put items you use less frequently in the bottom of the closet and keep everyday items on hand.

12.A pull-type structure that benefits from a door brake

This solution is visually lightweight and very capable. Not only has the front of the sink been used as a drawer with a shelf, allowing the shelf to be used as an additional shelf, but the sides as well.

Are you sure you don’t have any free space in the kitchen? We propose a practical exercise: empty all cupboards. all the people. It will also help you check what you have in your pantry and make sure it is in good condition. Once you have taken the products and utensils out of the cupboard, evaluate them critically.

Do you really use up all the kitchen gadgets you have? If you haven’t used them in the last 3-4 months, consider donating them or giving them to friends who can use them. Even with small devices. Although sometimes it is more difficult to get rid of the blender or deep fryer because there is always “just in case…”. If you don’t want to lose them, clear the counter and only use the ones you use at least a few times a week. Do you have two duplicate tableware: daily and party utensils? Organization experts agree: If you have some, use it up, not just collect dust and take up closet space. This prevents double crockery and saves you storage space.

These were some of the ideas on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry. These are practical ideas that will help you design it efficiently. Check out more solutions to home-related problems.


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