How to open a painted shut window?


When we talk about home improvement, the topic often comes to the fore, especially when it comes to your windows. The most important safety issues related to windows are the ability to open and close a window and to provide an airtight seal. Fully functional windows are of paramount importance to your and your family’s safety. The problem of how to open a painted shut window is very commonly seen.

If you live in an older home that has undergone several renovations, including a paint job, there’s a good chance it’s the windows that have been painted. We’re here to help you open your stuck windows to keep your family safe and your windows healthy.

Tools required to fix the problem

• Box cutter

• Putty knife

• Hammer

• Ladder

• Sandpaper

• Paint

Step 1: Inspect the situation of the window

To determine if it’s the paint that’s causing your problems, we need to check a few things. First, make sure the sash laces are still working properly. Pull them to see if they are still attached to the waistband weight in your pocket.

If the pulleys twist and you can feel the tension of the blade’s weight, you’re probably in good shape. If the cables are missing or no longer attached to the weights, you’ll need to follow a more complicated procedure that I’ll describe here next week. so stay tuned!

Step 2: Free the internal joints

Most of the older windows were painted both the outside and the inside, so let’s start with the inside. Be very careful not to cut yourself or pierce the wood when opening the windows. Use a razor blade to draw a straight line between the blades and the window stops on either side. Then, gently push the putty knife into the gap along the line to break the seam.

If you are using window zippers, simply cut this line in one step. Next, do the same on the meeting rail (where the top and bottom sash meet in the closed position). You must unlock the blade lock to separate the two blades.

Step 3: free the exterior joints

Do the same on the inside, except this time you’ll be cutting between the sash and the parting trim (which is the square trim piece just outside the sash). Then, go to the bottom of the meeting rail. After that, don’t forget to cut off the paint and use your putty knife on the bottom of the sheet where it meets the window sill (like in the picture at the top of the post).

Step 4: try to open the window

Now, go back inside and try to move it slowly to open the window. Even if you’ve cut all the paint off the seam, the window is most likely stubborn. * Don’t be too strict on the window! This can break the glass or pop the mortise and tenon joints that hold the frame together. It will take some effort, but you shouldn’t have to work too hard to open it.

If it still remains, keep using the putty knife to clean off the remaining paint. Once you’ve moved it around a bit, keep slowly opening and closing the window. It will continue to slide easier and easier. If needed, you can also add a little dry lubricant (such as graphite spray) to help things run a bit more smoothly.

Now, you can enjoy a little fresh air with your own efforts and at no cost. I think these steps will be enough to solve the problem of how to open a painted shut window. This is not a difficult problem, you just have to invest a little bit of time to fix it.

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