How to make Giant Spiders for Halloween at home?


Halloween is around the corner and we all want our homes to look spookiest for Halloween but most of the time we don’t get much time or run out of ideas. Check out more amazing ideas for Halloween decorations. Let’s learn how to make giant spiders for Halloween at home with some quick and easy steps.

Things you would need:

  • One big ball and one small plastic ball(you can also use a paper mashed ball for a small ball)
  • Glue gun
  • Black colored fabric
  • Foam pipes( 4 for one spider)
  • Small elbow pipe connectors(8 for one spider)
  • Black Ribbon
  • Eyes of the spider( Googlie eye, you can also skip it)

Step 1: Glue the two balls, giving the shape of the body of the spider. Then let it dry for some time.

Step 2: Cover the two balls with the black fabric and don’t forget to secure them in place. You can do that with a glue gun and try to keep the body of the spider clean and keep all the remaining cloth underneath the body of the spider. Also, try to secure the fabric as tightly as possible as the body shape should be appropriate.

Step 3: Tie the black ribbon between the two balls to give the body of a spider a definite shape and at the same time, it will look cute.

Step 4: Cut the foam pipes into two parts with one smaller part and one longer part and fix them with the body of the spider. One quick tip would be to cut the foam pipe angular on the side, where you will fix the pipe with the body. You can make a six-legged spider or eight-legged spider. But make sure that the legs are properly fixed to the body of the spider.

Step 5: Once you are done with the above 4 steps, you can have just one step left of adding eyes to your giant spider. You can either glue googlie eyes or you can draw the eyes and glue them.


You can either place it on the lawn or you can make some more and fix them on the elevation of the house. Or you can make them in smaller sizes and fix them on the staircase.

Your giant spider is ready to scare your visitors.

These were some of the easy steps on how to make giant spiders for Halloween at home.


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