How to decorate wood paneling without painting


While wood paneling was a popular design choice in the mid-20th century, today the look has certainly eroded. While you can paint wood paneling to give it an updated look, there are many ways to decorate without modifying or removing wood paneling. Sometimes it becomes a problem to decorate wood paneling without painting.

You can cover it with shelves, curtains, or art to use as a background, or you can reduce the visual impact by choosing the right furniture and decorations. You can even lean on wood paneling styles to create a rustic or vintage look for your home! Here are some amazing ideas on how to decorate wood paneling without painting.

Method 1

1.Line the walls with planks to hide most of the wood.

Wood panels serve as a great backdrop for standard shelving, especially if it’s made in a solid color. The grain of the wood will surround the concrete planks and make them stand out visually without making the walls feel empty. If you want to join the woods yourself, find wallboards with similar grains and install them along the wood-paneled walls.

If you don’t have enough books to cover the shelves, you can use logs, trinkets, or candles to fill in the blanks.

2. Hang curtain rods along each wall to cover them with colorful curtains.

Measure each wall with a tape measure and install curtain rods to fit any wall in a wood-paneled room. Set your bar and place individual, colorful curtains along each wall. In this way, you can change the overall impression of the room without using furniture. You can even change the curtains if you get bored with the pattern or color!

This is especially a good choice for rooms with windows where curtains would look good under normal lighting conditions.

Use different colors and patterns to add variety to the fabric.

3. Build a gallery wall to completely hide the panels in the art.

A gallery wall refers to a wall that is completely covered with art, with only 2.5–5.1 cm of space between pieces. Create a gallery wall by placing lots of art on your floor in a pattern that reflects the shape of your wall. Hang each piece with nails and a hammer. Wall gallery is a great option if you have a lot of art to hang and need to cover some accent walls.

Gallery walls are also a great way to display personal photos. If you have a ton of old photos, a gallery wall is a perfect way to incorporate them into your decor without making the rest of the art in your home seem out of place.

4. Use panels as a backdrop for large textiles or antique art.

Wood paneling can serve as a nice subtle backdrop for minimalist banners, elaborate wall hangings, or large-framed vintage art. Panels deserve less attention than the impressive and spacious piece hanging on your wall. The contrast between the grain of the wood and your larger piece can also bring colors to appear more vibrant.

Hang your tallest piece in the center of a wood-paneled wall to emphasize it. For added effect, place a few highlights on the bottom of the piece.

Insert a few low-wattage LED bulbs (30-61 cm) into the ground on either side of your art or textile.

5. Collect unique and unusual art to draw the eye away from wood.

If you have extremely unusual or unique art, a wood-paneled room can emphasize the uniqueness of your art. Anything done in a textured medium, such as rope or plaster, would look appropriate in a wood-paneled room. Paintings with strange colors, strong patterns, or strange subjects can affect the viewer just as powerfully in a room with different walls.

Tip: The wood panel is also great for stuffed animals or European mounts.

Method 2

1.Stick to solid earthy colors to streamline the look and feel of your room.

Stick to solid, earthy-colored furniture and accessories to give the impression that wood is the backdrop for the dominant colors in your furniture. Go with forest green, rust red, or other natural colors to complement the color of the wood.

Stay away from antique or decorative lamps or fixtures.

2. Use lots of plants for a rustic or natural look.

You can reproduce wood paneling by adding lots of plants to give it a natural look. Fill the room with hanging and floor plants to create an earthy atmosphere. The wood paneling matches the rest of the room perfectly with the style. Mix and match a variety of flowering plants and leafy greens for a color palette you enjoy.

Succulents and cacti are easy-to-grow houseplants you can try.

Warning: If the room does not have windows, it can be extremely difficult to keep the plants alive if they are not plastic. This option is probably best for the entrance hall or living room.

3. Stick to plain, bright rugs to deflect attention from the panels.

Solid-colored rugs don’t define the pattern or texture of wooden walls. To take the attention away from paneling, opt for patterned rugs and strong color schemes. Fake zebras, distressed Perseus, and optical patterns can make great choices in a wood-paneled room. Check out how you can prevent the wood from getting swollen.

4. Have a wood-paneled wall as an accent wall.

If you want to use wood paneling but are comfortable removing some of it, choose a wall to stand in as an accent wall. With a wall of wood panels, your panels will stand out as an attractive design choice. Choose a wall with a window or door so you don’t feel like you’re sneaking into your room later.

An accent wall refers to any single wall that has been painted or designed to stand out from the other walls in your room.


Bronze and polished brass furnishings look great with wooden walls.

These were some amazing ideas for your to decorate wood paneling without painting. I hope one of them will help you decorate your panelling in an unique way. Check out more solutions to home-related problems.

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