How to decorate the top of the kitchen cabinet


The kitchen is a frequently used area of ​​the home. We cook in it several times a day. Along with being neat, it is also essential that it is well organized and well designed, and to decorate the top of the kitchen cabinet gives the kitchen a more welcoming look.

Keeping these two in mind will make the kitchen a better place to work and even bond with family while cooking together. When decorating the kitchen, we do not fill the worktops with food products. Instead, we put decorations on the walls and even above the cabinets. One of the hardest parts to decorate is the cabinet top.

There are homes that have these spaces above the cabinet, which can be an extra storage area or a nice place to display some stuff. But how you organize that area in the kitchen can make or break your kitchen’s appeal.

So here are some tips on how to decorate the tops of your kitchen cabinets.

1.Know the dimensions of the space above the cabinets

Before you start decorating or before you bring some items to put them on, you need to measure them.

Measure the length and width of the area above the cabinets. This way you can know whether your articles are too big or too short. Don’t get screens that are too small as they tend to shrink in space.

2. Avoid cluttering it

It’s never a good idea to overdo the space above a cabinet. By doing this your kitchen can look like a display case. And you collect dust which is not good because the kitchen has to be kept clean.

Also, the purpose of the space, which is to give a lighter look to your space, will certainly be felt.

3. Put spaces between the decorations

So to avoid that stuffy feeling, put some space on each item. They also look good if you spread them out creatively.

Combine a few items at the top of the cabinet with several gaps in between and you have a beautiful decoration.

4. Show a collection

It would be nice to see what you like about the kitchen. If you have a collection of utensils, sculptures, plates, and more, use them as decorations. So you can watch your favorite things every day.

You’ll love your kitchen even more by following your hobby.

5. Stick to the theme of your interior

As always, there should be harmony in space. That’s why you need to apply decorations that match your theme. For example, if your space has a trendy design, go for a display with modern shapes and forms.

If you have a beach-themed home, buy a few items to represent it. This way everything in the house looks the same.

6. Choose colors wisely

So if you don’t have a collection and don’t really have a theme for your interior, go for the colors. You can play with different colors if you want, but you can also choose a primary color and add different colors to it.

You can also continue with your home accent theme if you wish. Color accents make your space more interesting.

7. Create a focal point to decorate the top of the kitchen cabinet

Choose a large object to display. Make it your focal point. Start by placing that large object slightly away from the center. Add other decorations from there. That way you have an idea of how to display it on your cabinet top.

The focus point will attract the eyes. It has to be big and bold as it is at the top.

8. Mix and experiment decoration

Try by displaying the items. You will see that if you mix and match, you get a beautiful result. Place elements of different sizes, shapes, and forms.

Choose from different colors too. Be creative in the arrangement. Your kitchen cabinet will surely look very attractive.

9. Leave it empty

If all else fails, leave it blank. End of the story, there are many homes that do not have a screen over the cabinet. And that’s how they look good.

So if you can’t find the perfect decoration, just leave it there.

10. Clean decorations regularly

Don’t let dust collect on your cabinets. Be sure to clean them regularly. This way your decor is protected and your kitchen remain clean.

You don’t want to look up and see cobwebs instead of your beautiful jewelry. If you are planning to redesign your kitchen then check out 7 tips you must consider for an outstanding kitchen that will help you design your kitchen in an efficient way.


It is not that difficult to organize that space above our kitchen cabinet. Just be creative and everything will be fine. Do what you think looks perfect. Do what makes you happy and that’s when you will feel real happiness.

Another tip: If you’re decorating with small items, arrange them with a book or box so that they can be seen from below. You definitely need this technique, especially if the cabinet has a cornice. We hope these tips will help you make your home a better place to live in.

I hope these ideas will help you decorate the top of the kitchen cabinet tops in a beautiful way. Check out more solutions to home-related problems.


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