How to decorate innovatively with stripes


Stripes are one of the most classic shapes in interior decoration. In the past we have seen them in all kinds of places because they fit well in any environment. But why are they so widely used? Well, stripes provide a visual game that allows you to enlarge the space and give it depth.

Without a doubt, stripes provide color and vitality to the various environments in the home. They are a great idea to give a different air to your home and increase the dimension. In addition, it will make the mind more settled, reduce stress, anxiety or tension and achieve peace and tranquility at home.

In today’s post we will tell you all about stripes in home decor and leave some ideas for you to decorate with them. you will love to know how to decorate innovatively with stripes.

Decorate with vertical stripes

Vertical stripes offer many decorative benefits. They are ideal for small spaces as they give a more spacious feel. They produce an optical effect that makes the space in which they are used appears larger to the human eye, as they create a higher and deeper ceiling. Therefore, striped walls are an excellent option for homes with low ceilings.

Horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes, in contrast to vertical stripes, shorten the height of the room where they are located. They visually reduce the height of the ceiling and provide a dwarf effect. Therefore, we do not recommend placing them in rooms with small dimensions or very high ceilings.

However, if you decide to use them, let it be in small spaces or as details. You can incorporate them as long as they are thin stripes and you place them in the middle of the wall, or use a softer tone.

Wide horizontal stripes add that finesse to more classic styles. In this way, the feeling of space subsides as it visually brings the walls closer to the furniture.

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How to decorate innovatively with stripes

When asked where we can use stripes in decoration, the truth is that there are infinite answers. We can fill in walls, use textiles, cover furniture with fabrics, curtains or cushions, and more. Here are some options…

Stripes on the wall

In wallpapers, this is one of the options that often tempts us. We have already seen that these stripes help to make rooms look bigger, hence they are used by decorators and interior designers to fool the eyes. If we look for wallpaper with lighter colors as well, we reinforce that feeling of space even more.

Light tones in striped wallpaper also add brightness, and we already know that light spaces are always visually larger spaces.

Be careful with the thickness of the stripes. If you choose stripes that are too wide, you’ll get the opposite effect of what you want. It doesn’t matter if they are vertical, if the stripes are too thick, the space becomes smaller. Patterns with fine stripes are always preferred.

If you’re using wallpaper with a more striking stripe pattern, try to brighten up those additional decorative walls such as paintings and the like.

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Where to Incorporate Stripes in the Decor?

Nordic affairs

Striped duvet cover is a great option to give an extra touch to your bedroom. If we already know the benefits of applying stripes to rooms, we can see it getting bigger and bigger as we incorporate them into the room. It also gives a sense of order to the room.

If we choose a combination of beige and white colors or shades of blue, we create an atmosphere in which peace and comfort reign.


Striped sofas are becoming more common in this season. The stripes in this type of element create style and provide more visual depth than a plain upholstery.

As for color, there are many offers on the market for you to choose from. If you don’t want to take too many risks and are more classic, opt for softer colors. On the other hand, if you’re more adventurous, use multiple colors that go well with each other. This last proposal would be great for a room of little ones.

Striped sofas can be perfectly integrated into the overall decor of the home. Plus, they look great with most boho, country or shabby chic styles. They will bring that touch of style to your home, so fear not and go for it!

These were some of the ways how to decorate innovatively with stripes. I hope the idea of adding stripes to your home will actually make your home look elegant.

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