How to cool a garage with no windows


A basement, a small office, the garage of the house where you spend time with your hobbies or a living room… There can be countless examples where you spend time in a room without windows. It may seem impossible to cool this space, especially given the lack of natural ventilation but it is not impossible to cool a garage with no windows.

Windows provide a flow of fresh air and remove hot, stale air from a room. In rooms without windows and therefore without adequate ventilation, heat is retained.

Fortunately, there are options for turning a windowless room into a livable space during the summer season if you adopt specific strategies and make use of air conditioning options.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of ways to cool a room without windows.

Here are our thoughts and best options:

1. Choose Mini-Split Air Conditioner or Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

This can be the best way to cool a room without windows. If you haven’t installed central air conditioning in this room, opt for a mini-split.

A mini-split air conditioner consists of 2 units; The indoor unit draws cool air into your room, while the outdoor unit dissipates heat. The installation process only requires drilling a hole of about 8 cm. To connect the two units on the wall. Allow enough space around the exterior wall for easy installation and connection of the outdoor unit.

Mini-splits are also very energy efficient. Wall air conditioners differ from window air conditioners and are designed to be mounted in wall openings. They can be more energy-efficient than windows. No air escapes through leaks and cracks in the window frame.

When choosing these units, keep in mind that their installation process is a bit complicated. This requires drilling a hole in the wall, so it requires a long-term commitment. Choose an exterior wall with lots of open space around it and make sure there are no pipes or electrical wires.

2. Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners can be very useful when it comes to cooling a room without windows. They also wick away moisture, keeping rooms comfortable on hot, humid days. They are small, compact, easy to install, and mobile, which is why they are so popular. Unfortunately, for a windowless room, this can lead to a number of drawbacks.

Like any other air conditioner, portable units suck the air out of the room and cool it. The resulting heat is discharged to the outside through a “hose” or flexible tube. In rooms with windows this residual hot air exhausts through the pipe through the window, in rooms without windows this becomes complicated and you have to drill holes in the exterior wall, which is a semi-permanent solution rather than a temporary solution.

3. Evaporative Cooler:

While wall-mounted or portable air conditioners may seem like a good option, they require opening a window. If you’re looking for a less permanent solution, your next best option is an evaporative cooler, otherwise known as a ventless air conditioner.

Evaporative coolers combine cold and air. These systems have tanks into which you pour cold water or ice. They then pass outside air over the cold water, allowing it to evaporate into the air. This cool air then circulates in your room.

These coolers work best in areas with low humidity.

4. Smart Air Conditioning

It can be difficult to cool a room without windows, so having a smart device to automate the ambiance of the room can come in handy.

An intelligent air conditioning controller allows you to set the weekly schedule to your liking. If you are not at home and want to change some settings or change the temperature, you can do it easily from anywhere using the mobile application.

In addition to temperature control, there are other features you can use to maintain a good temperature. If your room doesn’t have windows, you can program the air during the event so that the room stays cool when you arrive.

5. Roof Air Conditioner

Fans aren’t exactly a cooling device, but they allow air to circulate, creating a “draft” effect that makes you less hot. Therefore, cooling a room without windows is an economical and very good option.

In summer, the fan must be turned counter-clockwise to expel the hot air and cool it.

You can also use a ceiling fan with your air conditioner to cool a windowless room. Your air conditioner draws cool air into your room and your fan spreads it over a wider area.

6. Rotating floor fan and snowflakes

Yes, it sounds a bit preliminary, but it is quite effective. One of the easiest ways to cool a room with no windows is to use ice and a floor fan. If possible, from the wanderers.

Put ice cubes in a bowl and keep them in front of the fan. This will allow the fan to spread the ice-cold throughout the room. When the snow melts, it generates cool air and the fan helps to disperse the cold air. On a hot summer day, sitting by a fan can certainly help you deal with the scorching August heat.

When using this method, it is best to close the doors to keep cool air trapped in a windowless room.

7. Change Light Bulbs

You may not realize it, but incandescent light bulbs give off a lot of heat. This can become a problem, especially in rooms with no windows and minimal ventilation.

Incandescent bulbs give off 90% of their energy as heat, which can heat a windowless room significantly.

Consider replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lighting. They do not give off heat and do not rise at room temperature. They are also more energy-efficient and last 133 times longer.

8. Turn Off Your Devices When You’re Not Using Them

These devices release heat energy when you use them. A single appliance by itself does not generate large amounts of heat, but if we have computers, microwaves, televisions, ovens, light bulbs, irons, etc., they can add up to a degree in temperature between all of these and add up.

If you are not using these devices, please turn them off.

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9. Decor Matters

In a room without windows, direct sunlight does not enter the room. However, the ceiling and walls can still absorb solar heat, making it difficult to cool the room.

Plant potted plants and you will see how cool the atmosphere is.

Summers are getting longer and more intense. This makes it very difficult to keep the house cool during the peak summer days in July or August.

Rooms without windows should not become “hell”. We hope these recommendations will help you warm up better and enjoy your space.

Try to keep it beautiful and interiors also matter a lot. Here are some of the ways how to cool a garage with no windows or any room that does not have a window. Hopefully, this will help you solve the problem. Check out more solutions to home-related problems.

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