How to clean vinyl windows?


PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is one of the best materials available today. Among other things, it increases the thermal insulation of our home and keeps us away from cold and moisture outside. PVC windows in our home are easy to clean and maintain, but we need to take into account a series of parameters on how to clean vinyl windows.

Why bet on PVC windows?

This material offers benefits because it is a natural insulator and according to OCU is the best choice for housing. IDAE found that installing PVC carpentry with low-emission glass can save up to 70% of a home’s energy consumption.

Hot water and soap

Cleaning PVC windows is fairly easy. Many experts recommend using a good quality soft cloth or cloth and then dampen it with warm water and some soap.

It effectively removes dirt, dust, and stains from rain on this material. Various cleaning agents can be used for crystals. But the most effective is to wash a good quality cloth with warm water.

When windows are just installed

When the PVC window is simply installed, it is normal for operators to leave their fingerprints or wallpaper glue and it will look a bit dirty. To remove it all, we can do this with a spatula of medium hardness, which we scrape together with a damp cloth.

How do you do proper maintenance?

When it comes time to do a thorough PVC window maintenance, we have to use a brush to clean the rubber gasket as they are a bit more complicated to maintain than other materials. We will also use a rubber pencil to grease them.

Another remedy for these joints is special silicone oil. This increases the elasticity and functionality of these products.

Another recommendation is to lubricate the hardware with a little lubricant twice a year. Well, this is something that usually goes unnoticed and can get damaged by the simple motion of opening and closing windows on a daily basis.

What Materials Should You Not Use When Cleaning PVC Windows?

It is advisable to skip some products, such as those containing ammonia or more aggressive products. Scouring pads are also not good, as they scratch PVC profiles, although they point out that this does not reduce the quality of insulation of the windows, but rather their aesthetics.

Abrasive, chemical products such as nitrocellulose thinner or gasoline can seriously affect glass and greatly damage it, so it is better to stay away from etching or sulfuric products to clean them.

Check out how to clean a double pane window if you are facing trouble in cleaning it too.

Ecological Cleanup

WHO declared that chemical contamination in the home is a serious public health problem that requires action. And many of these particles come from cleaning products. Therefore, more and more ecological cleaning products are used, as they protect the health of household members and are more respectful of the environment.

In addition, as we have seen, there are some materials such as PVC, which are better cleaned with natural and ecological products so that they do not deteriorate. We can use vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, natural soaps, essential oils, or herbs to make rooms smell better.

Now we can apply these recommendations to keep our PVC windows clean and shiny.

These were some of the ways how to clean vinyl windows easily with not much effort. Check out more solutions for home-related problems.

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