How to clean double pane windows


Between double glazing, pans get foggy and dirty. This is a big problem for many people as it is nearly impossible to brush between glasses. If you call a professional window installer, they will probably tell you that you need new windows. But this is not the case. Although it’s a more complicated process than you might expect, there is a way to remove and effectively how clean double pane windows.

Step 1

Drill a 1/8-inch hole in the top corner of the window. Do this slowly and cool slightly with water while drilling. You should also do this inside the window.

Step 2

Drill another hole, the same size and using the same method, in the opposite lower corner of the window. The idea is to allow any fog or condensation to escape between the windows. Let the window sit for a day or two, or until the fog stops. If this was your only problem, skip step 6.

Step 3

Take part of the plastic tube and insert it into the bottom hole of the window. Make sure the window has enough tubing so that the liquid can flow out of the window and wrap the lid around the hole in the window. Also, place a coffee pot or bucket on the other end of the hose to catch the liquid.

Step 4

Use a dental water jet or funnel and more plastic tubing to spray the inside of the glass through the top hole with alcohol or glass polishing solution. Rubbing alcohol is stronger and will remove water stains better than rubbing alcohol, but rubbing alcohol is cheaper and easier to use.

Step 5

Allow the bottom hose to drain the liquid while cleaning. If that doesn’t work, try connecting the hose to a small wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Once you’re done, let the window dry for a few days.

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Step 6

Cut a round piece of clear packing tape 1/4 inch (0.63 cm) in diameter to cover each hole. Then poke small holes in the ribbon with a needle. This allows air and moisture to escape through the glass and keeps insects out.

These are 6 steps that will help you clean double pane windows properly and doing this on a regular basis will help you keep your windows neat and clean. Check out more solutions to Home-related problems.


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