How to clean a pull-down kitchen faucet spray head?


There are several small, round nozzles on the face of your kitchen faucet sprayer, each of which dispenses water in a thin stream. This makes a perfect water jet for cleaning and washing dishes. The small size of the spray heads makes them prone to clogging due to a build-up of sediment. Minerals block the spray head, reducing spray pressure and the overall effect of water on your dishes. Solve this problem by cleaning the nozzle regularly. Here are steps on how to clean a pull-down kitchen faucet spray head.

Cleaning the flip-down spray head adds performance.

Step 1

Detach the kitchen nozzle or the plastic nozzle guard over the nozzle. Insert the sprinkler master key into the front of the sprinkler and turn it counterclockwise or as recommended in the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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Step 2

Turn the water on and then off. Hold the sprayer over the sink and while the spray head is still wet, run your fingers gently over the sprayer. Operate the sprinkler one more time to determine whether sediment buildup is evident. If not, continue to the next step.

Step 3

Keep rubbing the sprayer with your fingers until it returns to normal operation. You may also use some kind of brush that might help you with the job. Drive them in sweeping motions and contact all nozzles to successfully clean them all. All that is needed is to clean the spray head.

These were the simple steps on how to clean a pull-down kitchen faucet spray head with not much of a problem. Check out for more solutions to home-related issues.

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