How to block neighbor’s security cameras?


Many a time it is not possible to tell the neighbors rudely to remove their security cameras. And many a time they might not remove it even after asking them to remove it because of their security issues which is a valid reason. But it becomes very uncomfortable for us to constantly stay under surveillance and we can figure out how to block neighbor’s security cameras.

While there are many ways to blind a neighbor’s security camera, there are only a few legal and effective ways to do it. First, we’ll cover effective and practical ways to blind your neighbor’s security camera, and then we’ll cover how and why you shouldn’t blind your neighbor’s security camera.

Ways on how to block neighbor’s security cameras.

1. Fence Extensions

If the cause doesn’t solve the problem, there’s still a lot you can do to protect your privacy. One of the most common ways to prevent people from seeing your property is to install barriers that block the camera’s vision.

After all, you have control over what people can see on your property. An easy way to accomplish this is to install a fence extension. Fence extensions are just what they sound like; They raise the height of your fence to make it harder for people to see over them.

Depending on the angle of your neighbor’s camera, just a foot or so of the protrusion may be enough to maintain your privacy.

Additionally, fence extensions can block the view of people passing on the street. Regular fences aren’t meant to be the perfect source of privacy, but an extension can certainly improve it.

Fence extensions come in several varieties depending on your fence. One of the most common ways to increase the height of your fence is to add a trellis.

If your fence is made of wood, you can attach it with just a hammer and a few nails. If your fence is made of vinyl, look for a vinyl trellis to add to your fence. You can buy a trellis-like this at your local hardware store or fence company. If you are confident in your construction skills, you can even make them yourself.

You may not even need to increase the height of the entire perimeter of your fence. You can get the privacy you want by increasing the height of some panels.

And you may need to increase the height on only part of your fence, perhaps not the entire perimeter of your property.

2. Plant Trees and Other Barriers

In addition to fence extensions, there are other tools at your disposal that you can use to block the camera’s view.

One of the most attractive options for homeowners is to plant dense trees around the perimeter of their property.

Depending on the type of tree you get, you can make your barrier tall enough for any number of cameras. Trees can also add more curb appeal to your backyard. In general, evergreens do a great job of blocking out vision.

You might consider paying more for larger trees. This will reduce the time required for complete privacy from creepy neighbors.

Like fence extensions, you probably only have a few places around your property that require trees or some similar structure, so using these barriers may be less expensive than you think.

After all, trees and plants aren’t your only option when it comes to blocking the camera’s vision.

Shades, basketball hoops, and many other things can be strategically placed to deny the camera view. Most of the time, cameras aren’t specifically mounted to your home or backyard, so you only need to block out a small portion of the camera’s view.

3. Moving Objects

Another way to confuse a neighbor’s camera is to place moving objects within the camera’s line of sight. Most cameras used for security purposes are motion-activated, so they only turn on and record when someone (like a burglar) tries to break into the house.

However, the camera will still be on when you or your family members are on the go.

You can get around this problem by placing things like flags or other moving things in the camera’s view. The motion-activated function of the camera may not have been able to distinguish a flag in the air from a person’s. And that can result in hundreds of hours of footage with nothing at all.

Your neighbor will most likely have to turn off your camera’s motion sensor, giving you as much access to video footage of your movements.

4. Reflective Film

One of the weaknesses of security cameras is reflective film. This film is most useful for protecting the interior of your home from prying eyes and aggressive cameras. If placed over windows, the reflective film will inhibit the camera’s ability to see indoors like a one-way mirror.

The film installs easily and will do its job well. With the sun shining on the windows, people passing by would not be able to see through the reflective film and the cameras would be turned off.

5. Bright Lights (at Night)

Bright lights are one of the best defenses you can use at night. A reflector can block your neighbor’s cameras from seeing something on your property. This is because of how security cameras see the light.

If a bright light hits the lens of a security camera, it will not be able to focus past or near the reflector. While your presence can be seen, your face and movements will not. You can take advantage of this by installing reflectors outside your home. Once they’re installed, turn them over to the offending cameras and set them on a schedule to turn on at night.

Now your neighbor’s cameras will go blind and you can enjoy your privacy.

You might consider some motion sensor lights that only turn on when you are outside. That way, you won’t have to pay for bright lights all night, and intrusive cameras obscure your outdoor activity.

6. Have a security camera of your own

You might think that fighting fire with fire in this situation is silly and irrelevant. hear us

There’s no better way than to get your neighbors to change their minds about this annoying security policy. Serving them a taste of their medicine may be enough.

You are legally allowed to install a legally placed security camera on your property and there is nothing your neighbor can do about it.

Mounting a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security camera has its advantages, and your neighbor will be suspicious of your actions, too. If their intentions are really hostile and you can’t reason with them, then your own camera watching them will surely solve your problem.

This is what we at SpyGuy call a “surveillance strategy”. It is like a kind of modern psychological warfare, only much less hostile.

Things you must not do on how to block neighbor’s security cameras

Although your neighbor’s camaraderie can be frustrating and intrusive, and although his stubborn manner may be annoying, you should prevent this disagreement from causing problems between the two of you. Resentment among neighbors can quickly escalate and cause long-term damage.

Do your best to be friendly and courteous to your neighbor, and don’t accuse. While you do everything possible to protect your privacy and peace of mind, don’t cross the line into property damage or trespassing.

For example, you might be tempted to laser damage your neighbor’s cameras. Shining a strong laser into the camera lens can cause permanent damage to the camera. While this will only work for a short time, the camera can always be replaced and the damage you caused to your neighbor’s property could be grounds for a lawsuit.

The last thing you want to do is be forced to replace your neighbor’s camera so you can come back to film them again. Such actions are illegal and can land you in serious trouble with the law.

Remember that your rights extend to privacy within your own home, not outside it, as you cannot expect perfect privacy in the park or on the street.

If you have a friendly relationship with your neighbor, you can always talk to them and tell them about your problem. By doing this they will also realize the whole situation and your bond will also get stronger.

The above solutions were only when things are not okay between you and your neighbor and when you can’t do anything other than take action for your privacy. It’s always best to have a friendly relationship with the neighbors.

I hope these ways will help you solve the problem of how to block neighbor’s security cameras. Check out more solutions for home-related problems.


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