How to attach wood to concrete without drilling?


We face very different kinds of problems when it comes to home solutions. One of the problems is how to attach wood to concrete without drilling? It is always not possible to drill due to a lack of strength in the concrete or lack of equipment. Here are steps that you can follow in which you don’t have to drill the concrete.

Using construction adhesive to attach wood to concrete is an alternative method that requires few tools and is also inexpensive. Preparing the concrete surface before joining the pieces of wood is the key to a strong bond.

Step 1

Sweep or vacuum the concrete surface to remove any dirt or debris. Cleaning the surface before applying any glue is very important to let it work effectively.

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Step 2

Wipe the surface with a damp sponge to remove dust. Allow the concrete to dry completely. Any dust on the surface may reduce the strength of the glue which will not let the wood attach to the concrete properly and may lead to weak joints.

Step 3

Cut the tip of the glue tube so that a line of glue comes out about 7mm wide. Load the tube into the caulking gun. this way there will be less time of air contact in the glue which will help in more effectiveness.

Step 4

This is the most important step that must be done with perfection for better results. Make a line of glue on the back of the wood, this is the surface to be applied to the concrete, 1/2 cm from the edge so the glue doesn’t squeeze out.

If the wood is too wide, lay several lines about an inch apart on the back of the wood. Stop when 1.2 cm away from the edge.

Step 5

Place the wood in the desired location on the concrete. Hold the piece long enough for the glue to set. Here you will be needing a bit of patience to make the job work properly. If the wood is against the ground, place a heavy object on it to stabilize it.

If it’s on a wall or other surface, you’ll need to hold it. The drying time varies depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Expect to hold the stretch for several minutes at a time.

These were the simple steps by which you can attach wood to concrete without drilling. I hope this will help you solve your problem.

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Don’t forget to take proper precautions before doing the above steps. Wear gloves and take appropriate measures before attaching the wood to concrete without drilling.


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