21 Easy and cheap outdoor Halloween DIY ideas 2021


Hey people, the festive time has come. I have some amazing Halloween DIY ideas for you. We don’t have much time left to decide and plan that how are we going to decorate our house for Halloween as Just Halloween costumes are not enough. Isn’t it?

So let me help you with some amazing and easy ideas to give your home the spookiest look ever. You can actually make them at home and that too with some easy steps. So, let’s scare your visitors to the fullest with some amazing Halloween DIY ideas.

1. Giant Spider

This can be a fun yet interesting look for a Halloween DIY idea this year. You just have to make some Giant spiders at home and you have to fix them with hot glue on the elevation of your house. This will definitely give a spooky look to your house as well as it will look creepy. Find more information on how to make the Giant spider.

2. Hanging Bats

How about some sudden bats on your face when you enter the home, hanging from the ceiling? That can be quite scary, isn’t it?

This can be easily made as well as this will scare your visitors at night. And don’t forget to hang them in different hanging heights to make them unpredictable. Check out the steps for making a hanging Bat.

3. Floating witch hats

Witches sound always creepy to us and what if a witch hat is floating on your portico. That sounds even scary, isn’t it? And you can always add a floating broom along with it to make it look even scarier. Check out how easily you can make these floating witch hats.

4. Eyeball Wreath door hanger

You are entering someone’s house and loads of bloody eyeballs are looking at you. How creepy is that going to be! When we talk about decoration, we also talk about wreath door hangers. So why not a wreath door hanger with bloody eyeballs? Check out the easy steps to make it on your own.

5. Flickering spider lights

As festive time is here, we always feel like lighting up our houses with fairy lights and whatnot. But as it’s Halloween, beautiful fairy lights won’t work for us. So adding some spiders on the jar of light or even on the lights can give a perfect look for our theme.

6. Floating heads on the porch

Hanging heads on the porch will give a really nice creepy look to your house and that might scare their heart out at night. So just go for it and Trick your visitors as much as possible. Check out how to make it.

7. Window silhouttes

This is the easiest and the best way to trick your visitors as well as the people who are passing by on the road. Just imagine you see the silhouette of the person without head through the window. Won’t that be scary?

8. Giant size spider web

Whenever we go to an old house where there are tons of spider webs all around, it already gives a feeling of spookiness, isn’t it? So, imagine your house in a big spider web. It’s definitely going to trick your visitors and will give an awesome spooky look to your house. Check out the easy steps to make it.

9. Graveyard look

The best way to give your house a spooky look is to turn your lawn into a graveyard. That is definitely going to scare the hell out of your visitors. Check out the easy step to make a tombstone.

10. Ghost in the lawn

Just imagine, you are walking alone at night and you see some white thing floating. Won’t that be scary? How about doing this on your lawn or at the entrance of your gate. Try this out and tell me in the comment section.

11. Skeleton on the porch

Skeletons in itself damn scary. And if you keep it where someone can never expect it to be, it can scare the hell out of someone. So how about keeping a skeleton on a rocking chair and dressing it as a human and trick your visitors?

12. Illusion doors Halloween DIY idea

This is an amazing idea to trick your visitors. You can do this by easily drawing on a big sheet. You can use spray paint to make it quick and you can paste it on the glass panel of the door if you have one or you can also paste it on the outer side of the wooden door. And don’t forget to put some handprints on it with red paint to make it look even more original.

13. Inverted leg of witch

This can be funny as well as tricky. You can even hang them from the trees on your lawn to make it even scarier.

14. Signboard

You can make signboards as spooky as you want. This will give spooky look to your house and you can also guide your visitors through it.

15. Sealed door

This is another way to trick your visitors just by your front door. You have to stick some cardboard on the door as shown in the image and you have to write anything spooky to trick your visitors. This is an amazing way for Halloween.

16. Pumpkin path lights

This is the easiest and the most beautiful way in which you can decorate your lawn for Halloween. You can even get creative while carving a pumpkin or you can also buy plastic pumpkins from the market and put lights on them. This is a must-do for Halloween decoration people!!

17. Snakes under the doormat

You can buy these snake toys a packet or two from Amazon and you can use them as innovatively as you can to trick your visitors. Keeping them under the doormat is one of the creepiest ways you can try to scare your guests. It is a really easy and cheap way of idea for Halloween. Try it out.

18. Reaper in the lawn

How about a scare Reaper on your lawn? Won’t that be scary? Check out how easily you can make one.

19. Monster face house

How about a monster house? This will attract loads of kids and at the same time, it’s gonna be a perfect look for this Halloween. You can either print the eyes and teeth of the house on a bigger scale and then cut and paste it on the house porch entrance or you can also draw them on a bigger scale. Whichever suits you.

20. Paperbag lights

This is the cheapest yet elegant way to decorate your house for Halloween. You can make any kind of face just by cutting them and at the same time, it can be a sustainable way to decorate too. And nothing is better than recycling.

21. Glowing balloons

How cool can this be that even if there is no light at night, these balloons will show up no matter what! You can make funny as well as scary faces on the balloons and they are going to glow even at midnight.

These are some cheap and easy Halloween DIY ideas that you can try out with just a little bit of effort. So choose your favorite idea and go for it. Trick and Treat your visitors as much as you can.


I am sure, you will rock it.

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