Bedroom Paint Colors That’ll Make You happier


Getting up early from our cozy and soft bed is always a task, but creating a bedroom that energizes and uplifts our moods can make it a lot easier. And the first thing that must be changed is the bedroom paint colors.

Since colors and light affect our moods, there is a strong rationale for a colorful bedroom. Whether you present those pops of color with paint, bedding, or artwork, you’ll find something to mimic in the pretty colorful bedroom examples below (yes, even for color-averse readers).

Below, discover the best bedroom paint colors that will make you wake up happier always. Getting up early is always easier and more fun when you wake up to a bright and cheery bedroom.

The wrong bedroom paint colors can leave you feeling lethargic, but the right colors will awaken your senses, revive your engine and make your morning routine feel like a game of time.

1. Blue as bright as a sky

Colors have long been associated with the weather, and while there’s no scientific link between our moods and the sky outside, it’s easy to see how certain hues are more likely to inspire certain feelings. The surprising thing? Those feelings are not tied to just one color – many different variations of a hue create different vibes.

Blue is the most common hue found in bedrooms around the world. Blue seems to be universally loved (or at least accepted), but that doesn’t mean all blues are created equal.

Light hues of blue come off as cooler and lighter while darker shades of blue look more serious or masculine. Bleak winter days call for deep shades of blue, while sunshiny evenings are better served by lighter shades.

2. Go green

Green is a great color if you’re looking to add a little balance to your space. The color looks great on both men and women, and it’s naturally calming, so this hue is perfect for helping you relax right before bedtime.

Blues and greens form the foundation of many nature-inspired color schemes, so try pairing different shades of these hues for a peaceful bedroom without feeling too matchy-matchy.

3. Orangish orange

Orange has been gaining popularity in home decor lately as designers play with warm tones (orange goes well with reds) and try to capture a bit of the Tuscan sun in their interiors.

The sweet citrus hue can go from playful to serious depending on its shade, so use light shades of orange for the bedroom if you like things bright and cheery or dark hues for more warmth during the winter months.

The addition of orange elements will help ground the space while keeping it from feeling too young for you or for your children (in case you’re looking for some inspiration for kids’ bedrooms).

Choosing orange is also an inspired way to lighten or accentuate dark bedrooms without adding white or light colors. Orange will provide just enough warmth without overwhelming the bedroom with brightness. White + Colour Combo s – What can I say? White isn’t just for French country kitchens anymore.

4. Pinkvilla

Pink never goes out of style, but when deciding on paint for a bedroom, it’s important to think about the shade of pink you’re picking. Some shades are so light they can feel almost white, and others are so dark they appear almost red.

I like to use pale shades of pink for a little nighttime calm and depth in my master bedroom, but if you want a lively feel in your space, go with bolder shades of pink.

5. Yellow,the brightest

Yellow is also making lots of appearances in home interiors lately. It’s bright and happy like orange, but it has its own unique moodiness at the same time.

I love pairing different shades of yellow with blue or grey because the two hues contrast beautifully without competing too much.

Moody blues and dusky yellows look great together, while warm yellows pair really nicely with deep greens.

I love the dramatic effect that black bedding sets off against light-colored walls, but if you aren’t feeling too adventurous with your color choices, a deep blue is an excellent option too. Be sure to keep the other elements in your bedroom decor light in contrast with the deep wall color.

6. Turquoise

Turquoise is the perfect shade of blue to lighten darker wall colors and create a beautiful juxtaposition of bold and subtle.

It’s not just a color for the morning but also for the evening. It gives freshness in the morning and at the same time, it gives warmth in the evening. And the best part is, If you are a white lover, you should definitely go for this color as you can go for white furniture with this color.

7. Bubble Gum

Yellow and pink are the perfect example of opposites attract. They look super sweet together! Pink is a great color to add a fun pop of color to your room and pair with subtle colors such as greys and taupes

Yellow is a great shade to liven up darker colors, such as blues and purples, while not creating the same jarring contrast that red might create. Mixing bold shades of yellow with soft pastel pinks can create an incredibly pretty, playful atmosphere in your bedroom.

8. Coral smoothness

If you are looking to add a lot of depth to your bedroom without adding too much color, coral is an amazing option.

Coral is a great shade because it is both warm and tropical-all while feeling very fresh and light.Coral can also be a trendy way to create a room that feels beachy, but still sophisticated enough for your place.

It’s a great color for the walls, or you could do something cool like paint the ceiling to look like the sky at sunset.

9.Light peach

A great muted backdrop that will help any colors pop while keeping things feeling fresh and inviting. Light peach is one of my favorite neutral backdrops for bedrooms.

Because it has hints of pink in it, you’ll get some added warmth coming your way that will help keep things feeling cozy in the colder months.

darker peach: A lighter version of its siblings above, darker peach adds wonderful warmth to any bedroom atmosphere without creating too much contrast with other colors.

10. Delicious Caramel

If you’re looking for a color that will keep things feeling warm and inviting, but also create a little drama–caramel is the color you need.

Caramel is a super-wonderful neutral color. The warmth it brings creates an inviting air to any space, but the hint of brown gives it some added life so you don’t feel like you are living in a vanilla world.

11. Dark Khari

If you’re like me and dislike anything yellow, but still want to add something that feels light and fresh to your bedroom (not everything has to be grey!) dark khaki is the perfect solution for you!

A dark khaki is a great option if you’re looking for another neutral backdrop that won’t clash with the most bright colors. Don’t panic while choosing the bedroom paint colors. Always go with your instincts.

12. Mint Green

For a fresh take on the regular blue and green we are all so used to, why not try mint green? The muted greens and blues in this color palette look so nice in rooms.

Mint is a lovely light blue-green that adds a sense of tranquility to any room while also bringing life with it.

This particular mint green looks great with the white, grey, black, and soft reds in the room–giving it a very neutral but inviting backdrop to work off of.

These colors give you the feeling of being outside on a cloudless night filled with stars while sitting beside the river.


Bold, strong colors in the bedroom can make your space feel bigger by drawing attention away from small, cramped corners.

Duller shades like greys or taupes draw attention inward, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere that is conducive to intimacy and relaxation.

As you might have figured out by now, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to color combos so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Try painting your walls one shade lighter or darker than you initially planned, until you find something that really makes you happy!

Just remember to take things slow. Remodeling a room can be an expensive process, so if you find yourself stuck between two similar color schemes try taking some time to think about which option will work best for your lifestyle. I hope these points will help you in getting an idea for your bedroom paint colors.

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